Letters To The Editor, September 25th 2016

Playground for criminals Joan McGoon,  Nadi The cold ‘trail’ of the Russian couple murder case is quite unsettling. Interpol and the Fijian Police don’t have any more leads? Are they
25 Sep 2016 12:01
Letters To The Editor, September 25th 2016
Letter To The Editor

Playground for criminals

Joan McGoon,  Nadi

The cold ‘trail’ of the Russian couple murder case is quite unsettling.

Interpol and the Fijian Police don’t have any more leads? Are they able to enlist the help of the Australian and New Zealand private investigators who won’t be too bothered with Russian representatives showing up?

The cold trail speaks volumes. It sends a message to the world that Fiji can be a playground for criminals and murderers. A playground with no rules and supervision, and a playground with lots of high and fast swing sets for the daring and brave.

This ‘cold trail’ is unsettling for locals because it shows lack of vetting and knowledge of foreigners coming to dwell on our shores.

What were/are their intentions? To run away from feuds back home?

People take their baggage with them wherever they go and consequences of choices (good or bad) back home still follow regardless of whatever country you move to because you don’t escape your skin. Maybe our vetting system could be a lot tighter as other countries are for Fiji.

Their strict vetting system is to protect their citizens and the values of the country. The murder of this Russian couple on our shores is a ‘breach’ in our security and vetting system for foreigners and locals alike.

I applaud the authorities for slapping a fine earlier in the year on a tourist bringing forbidden fruit in. The safety of Fijians supercedes the ignorant actions of bystanders, spectators and partakers of our beautiful country.

It is also a slap in the face and kick in the rear for our country by the murderers. To come into our tourist friendly and commit this gruesome act showed a lack of respect and contempt for all the values that Fiji holds dear and represents – Peace, Prosperity, Safety, Tolerance, Cultural Diversity and Unity.

May I urge the investigators on the case to not give up looking for ‘leads’ and to find the murderers before they strike again.

If it occurred once on our shores, it could happen again. God bless and protect Fiji and our foreign community.



Nadi Hospital

Ronnie Chang, Nadi

I have just returned from my regular asthma clinic at the Nadi Hospital and wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the level of promptness and professionalism extended to all concerned – doctor, nurses and pharmacy staff.

I also learnt that finally about three rooms in the Paying Ward have since been recommissioned about a month ago.

During my last admission in February this year, I was horrified to be told that the paying ward was closed for almost 18 months, for reasons not disclosed.

It must be understood not all patients exercise the same desired levels of hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to shower and toilet usage. I died “a million times” whilst I was hospitalised in February.

Things were very different in September 2008 (my previous hospitalisation) in the paying ward.

Air-conditioning; TV; refrigerator worked. Shower and toilet as clean as expected.

Solar hot water system did not work then in spite of all the sunshine and good weather we enjoy.

The township of Nadi is slowly and steadily “inching” its way to full city status next year, 2017.

It is only fitting and proper that all wards and hospital functions must be brought up to par. There is no excuse.

Commissioned in 2002, in my lay-man’s view, our hospital was very poorly designed and in several instances, not very practical.

The waiting area in front of the hospital’s pharmacy, laboratory and dressing-injections is not properly ventilated.

It is almost “cave-like” and most claustrophobic, to say the least.

It is very confined. The sick, not-so-sick and the healthy breathe the same air amongst those who cough and sneeze.

I must commend the hard-working doctors and nurses in General Out-patients Department who do not have a choice when they are made to cope with 400 to 500 in an eight-hour shift.

This area needs definite improvement.

Personally, I am thankful and most grateful with the level of professional is extended.



Fiji Sun anniversary

Neelz Singh,  Lami

The nation depends on fresh and daily news from overseas and local, who better than Our Fiji Sun.

Seventeen (17) strong years with better original and new innovative ideas, giving platform to all new and old readers and encourage writers to highlight their view sharing with the nation.

Covering the nations with their headlines and informing the public of what’s going on around the nation, overseas and in sports, weather, classified, selling, buying, informative notices, etc.

Congratulations Fiji Sun on your 17th Anniversary, and wishing many more years to prosper with better team work and all astonishing successful accomplishments and future events.

Vinaka Fiji Sun, truly you are the sun of the nation.



Vetting controversy

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

I believe that when an employee is about to make a speech at public forums or to be interviewed as a representative of one’s employer, then the employer has every right to check out that what is being presented so that it will have no negative repercussions on the employer or organisation.

Just a few months ago the Ministry of Education took a teacher to task for allegedly posting her partly nude photos on social media, which we can say, was her freedom and right outside normal working hours.

So if the Ministry of Education gets upset about that photo issue, then it surely will not want any teacher to be making speeches or sharing information that would paint a bad picture on the ministry and vetting should be viewed as a plus and not a minus.

Any organisation we become a member of becomes like a family to us, and we certainly do not like it when one of our own brings our organisation to shame or creates controversy through uncontrolled outbursts or saying something stupid that we do not agree with, as our representative.

This is why we FijiFirst party election candidates were not allowed to appear for interviews on national TV or radio during the last election campaign, except for a selected few.

I am sure this vetting requirement for teachers did not just pop up from out of the blue, with the Ministry of Education like a bully, reminding its employees who is the boss.

A teacher must have lit the fire!



Life in Syria

Ashneel Prasad,  New Zealand

Tonight when I sleep in my bed, will I live to see tomorrow’s sunlight?

What if someone dropped a bomb on my house?

What if I survive and nothing else lives?

Will I be able to able to live a life without my parents, siblings or relatives?

Can I live with the pain of yesterday, the scars of today and the wounds of tomorrow? Will I see the world tomorrow?

Can I ever go to sleep knowing my future may not be there when I wake up tomorrow? Can I sleep tonight in fear of tomorrow?

What about tomorrow night? Or the night after?

No. The answer is no. The pain is too overwhelming to even think about it.

But a five-year-old is living this life. In Syria.


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