Letters To The Editor, 27th September, 2016

Police Inspector Lesikimaloku Josaia Bulavakarua,  Rakiraki I wish to express my gratitude and acknowledgement to the Station Officer – Nalawa Police Station, Inspector Koro Lesikimaloku, for his dedication and tremendous
27 Sep 2016 08:50
Letters To The Editor, 27th September, 2016

Police Inspector Lesikimaloku

Josaia Bulavakarua,  Rakiraki

I wish to express my gratitude and acknowledgement to the Station Officer – Nalawa Police Station, Inspector Koro Lesikimaloku, for his dedication and tremendous effort in reducing the crime rates in Nalawa and Nakorotubu Districts in the Ra Province.

In the recent Ra Provincial Council meeting held in Nanukuloa it was discussed that there was a decrease in the crime rate in the province of Ra.

This decrease shows that Police and other law enforcement agencies in the province are doing a remarkable job in enlightening the people of Ra about the importance of respecting law and order.

Inspector Lesikimaloku, with his officers at the Nalawa Police Station have an excellent community network with the people and they always talk to us about the different criminal offences.

I believe rural-based Police officers should follow the precedent set by Inspector Lesikimaloku and his officers at the Nalawa Police Station by conducting awareness programmes within the villagers and settlements. I take my hat off to Inspector Lesikimaloku and the Nalawa Police Station officers for a tremendous job. Well done.



Aptinko Vaurasi,  Land Transport Authority acting chief executive officer

First, we appreciate your concern on so many issues relating to the LTA.  We are aware that there are many others who share some of your concerns.

I would first like to comment on your concern about corruption.  Corruption is not wide spread, as your letter seems to suggest. There are 365 dedicated staff who are committed to their jobs.  In the past two years we have sent home six employees because of corrupt practices. This is not a corrupt organisation.

We are dealing with a major number of vehicles (108,370 ) and drivers holding licenses (154,168) to date, all of which require services to ensure that they can continue on the road in a safe lawful manner.

Last year, alone, we issued 9930 new provisional licences to join the 106,778 drivers who already hold licences. This year alone we have registered 37,460 licence holders.  We have also registered 12,666 new and second-hand vehicles.

Mr Singh, a closer look at our frontline team who are there to satisfy more than 131,787 requests on a number of issues in our Nausori, Nadi, Labasa and Suva offices to date alone, suggest that, in fact, they are doing their job, effectively with consideration to our customers.

We have substantially modernised our Suva operation and that will be soon followed by improvements in Nausori.

We are improving our customer services, not because we don’t respond to complaints, for all complaints that do not include courtroom appearances are addressed.  We are now working on improving communications between the courtroom and our complaint desk.

There will continue to be improvements as we introduce more comprehensive on-line services.  We value your letter for it is important to share with the community any concerns relating to LTA, and a clarification from us wherever we can.


Advocating human rights

Sara Bulutani Mataitawakilai,  Citizens’ Constitutional Forum chief executive officer

It is really encouraging to note that our leaders today are promoting and emphasising human rights at national and international gatherings.

Recently, most of the public speeches delivered by high-ranking Government officials are coated with human rights jargon.

The human rights defenders and advocates will certainly welcome this development and recognise the fact that our leaders champion human rights and equality for all Fijians.

Speaking at the United Nations high-level meeting on ‘Movement of Refugees and Migrants’ in New York, the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, issued a strong statement to world leaders to approach the ‘refugees and migrants’ crisis in a manner that places human rights and dignity above all else.

The challenges we are facing today globally, such as climate change, are human rights issues, which must be approached by elevating human rights above everything else including political ideologies.

Therefore, it is important that human rights are not merely used as whitewashing of speeches but to be genuinely practiced and be at the heart of decision-making, policies or legislations in order to enhance democratic development in Fiji.

Fiji still has a long way from achieving the fulfillment of respect of human rights at all levels. Despite the enshrinement of the Bill of Rights in the 2013 Constitution, the progressive realisation of human rights needs to be nurtured by the leaders and citizens alike. Only then, will our bid to gain membership in the UN Human Rights Council be meaningful.


MWH saga

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

For too long our country has been taken for granted from offshore companies that get contracted by our relevant Government ministries to carry our works on our public utilities and infrastructure.

We once had the Public Works Department (PWD), which is now obsolete, but now it’s the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) with Water Authority Fiji (WAF) after Government’s restructure.

The establishment of these bodies ensures a dynamic transparency and accountability.  It promotes serving the people by delivering the best possible services to all Fijians without neglect or corrupt practices.

The FRA chairperson, Dinesh Patel, must be commended for standing his ground and protecting taxpayer’s monies from being abused by MWH. It is prudent leadership and displays good management decisions.

For too long offshore sharks have flouted our laws and have taken full advantage of our laxity at the same time. Stricter guidelines and water tight contracts is the way to go. Vinaka vakalevu team FRA for the professional conduct.


Congratulations Fiji Sun

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

Seventeen years of daily publication and growing and improving through the years is not an easy task.

In a market that was once dominated by one newspaper company which turned 147 years old this year, the Fiji Sun, in 17 years has done very well.

We read a few days ago that a recent poll conducted revealed that more people in Fiji were reading the Fiji Sun.

Congratulations to all the staff members of the Fiji Sun team. You should be proud of what you have achieved so far and readers pray that you continue to build and soar to greater heights.

Congratulations to Ronald Kumar, its chief photojournalist who was honoured for capturing moments through photos, which indeed spoke a thousand words.

To all photojournalists, thank you as your photos bring the headlines and reported news to life. Vinaka Sun! With the growth and achievements made in 17 years, it is only fitting to say: Congratulations to the Fiji Sun!


Fiji Soccer

Sukha Singh,  Labasa

I just realised that Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) has the best organised competition and yet I also have written against them.

I think the blame should go to the district officials because they cannot or will not organise any local club soccer.

In our time we had so many clubs. Every Sunday we used to have club soccer. If you were a good player you get the chance to join the district teams.

The district teams never looked for players from other districts like what we do now.

So please, Fiji FA, just tell your district officials to wake up or hand over the local club soccer to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

At least the workers in the ministry will have something useful to do.


Match manipulation

Sanjay Raniga,  Australia

To be fair to all teams vying for a place in the Oceania Football Confederation champions league, can the Fiji Football Association  schedule Ba’s home games to take on any other title contenders (Rewa/Lautoka/Nadi) on a Friday night? And then take on a fresh Suva side on Sunday?

To the management of all other teams, please look out for match schedule manipulation.

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