Letters To The Editor, 30th, September, 2016

FICAC’s role Nandni Vandhana Public Relations Officer Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption , Suva This is in response to Tomasi Boginiso’s letter to the editor dated 28 September 2016. The
30 Sep 2016 09:23
Letters To The Editor, 30th, September, 2016
Letter To The Editor

FICAC’s role

Nandni Vandhana

Public Relations Officer

Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption , Suva

This is in response to Tomasi Boginiso’s letter to the editor dated 28 September 2016.

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) acknowledges the concerns put forth by the writer.

While Government ministries have internally built structures to look into misuse of Government funds, FICAC as the legitimate anti – corruption agency in the country is mandated by law to investigate and prosecute corruption related offences in the public sector.

This should not be viewed as ‘outsourcing’ an investigation to another institution but a lawful process to bring the wrongdoers before the court of law.

History shows that mere internal disciplinary actions alone would not be sufficient to deter the wrongdoers and perpetrators without any measures under punitive justice system.

Public sector in this context refers to anyone who receives payments from Government ministries/departments and Government statutory bodies in the form of wages, salary or for any service provided to the stated institutions.

The complexity of corruption related offences require adequate and proper resources such as specialised investigators and equipment hence cases are referred to FICAC.

FICAC encourages institutions and members of the public to report corruption related matters to the Commission.

In doing so, one makes a commitment to prevent corruption at all levels in the country for the better welfare of all Fijians.


Ratu Dovi Road, Nadera

Satish Nakched,  Suva

It is noted with interest of the road repair works that is currently in progress at the Ratu Dovi Road, near the junctions of Church Street and Qarase Road in Nadera.

I believe the top layer of the bitumen will be removed and resealed again. There are no plans to have the road widened in order to create more lanes to eliminate traffic congestions, and we all believe was the original intention.

Some years ago the road widening works that started from the Nokonoko Road side came to a halt at Nadera and this project was abandoned. The double lane construction stopped at the Ratu Dovi Road near the Reba Circle junction, but the intent was to finish at the Laqere junction traffic lights.

The White Fire and the Lomani Taxi bases were asked to move inwards to make way for the development.

The lamp post were marked and identified for shifting. This heavily used portion upon completion would have delighted the motorist, improved the traffic flow and was the best solution during the peak hours.

A lot of resources are now spent on resealing and better strategising would have given us both the benefits on the same cost.


MP’s increase

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

Wow, $50,000 a year or $4166 per month is not enough for Members of Parliament to perform their duties?

Now they want their allowances to be increased? So one wants to get elected into Parliament for the money and not for the people? Forgive me MP’s, as national leaders you will need to put God first, the people second and yourselves last. You should be the last to be asking for an increase and be an example of sacrifice and contentment with whatever job description one has chosen and the salary that comes with it.

Make Fijians happy first and they will all demand for an increase in allowance and salary for you.

Sexual offences

Josaia Bulavakarua,  Ra

There has been an increase in sexual offences in Fiji for the past few years.

To make it worse, religious leaders are also implicated and involved in this cowardly act.

I am requesting the law makers to look for a best solution to the increase of sexual offences in Fiji.


Travel time

Floyd Robinson,  Suva

Do cameras have an impact on travel time?

Well, the recent installation of speed cameras between Lautoka and Sigatoka will certainly influence driving along the Queens Highway.

In order to avoid being caught for over speeding by the cameras, some drivers will certainly need to slow down in areas they perhaps previously got away with over speeding.

For some, this will be for the better. For others, this may not go down well with them.

All in all, it looks like travel time along the Queens Highway may change.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


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