Letters To The Editor, 3rd October, 2016

Slow down and save lives Aptinko Vaurasi,  Acting chief executive officer, Land Transport Authority This is a reply to the Friday September 30 Letter to the Editor by Floyd Robinson.
03 Oct 2016 10:40
Letters To The Editor, 3rd October, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Slow down and save lives

Aptinko Vaurasi,  Acting chief executive officer, Land Transport Authority

This is a reply to the Friday September 30 Letter to the Editor by Floyd Robinson.

We are grateful to Mr Robinson for bringing to our attention his interest in the effect that speed cameras could have on travelling time along the Queens Highway.

The speed limit on the highway is 80 km/h, certainly sufficient for those who plan their trips wisely.

For those who are in a rush and exceed the speed limit, we hope that the speed cameras will act as a reminder to slow down and save lives.

The LTA is about road safety and we are all in this together.



Fake artists

Joji Toronibau, Tunuloa

September to remember as a month of unearthing fake artists.

Listening to radios, watching them on television, and in the newspapers, I saw a fake doctor, fake pastor, fake real estate officer, fake accountant, and replica of a Talatala, a bogus story teller, a fake con artist, a bogus Police officer, a counterfeit note, a false preacher, a would-be witchcraft and a whole lot more. Phew!!!

What a world, what a day and what a month!



Vodafone Rakiraki Carnival

Josaia Bulavakarua, Rakiraki

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Rakiraki Town Council and its dedicated staff for providing the people of Ra with a very well organised week-long carnival.

I also wish to thank all the 2016 Vodafone Rakiraki contestants for show-casing their talent during this one week of celebration. Congratulations to the 2016 Vodafone Rakiraki Carnival Queen, Miss Advance Distributors and Events, Sereima Tabuya.

I also wish to thank Vodafone Fiji for sponsoring the carnival to the people of Ra. Since the episode of the monster Cyclone Winston in February 2016 the people of Ra are still suffering emotionally and psychologically and this carnival has helped in erasing some of the tragic events from our minds. Special thanks go out to all the sponsors of this carnival.

We were also informed with a delightful message from the Minister of Local Government, Praveen Kumar, that a new Rakiraki market and bus stand will also be constructed.

This message is a relief to the people of Ra especially after our municipality market was destroyed by Cyclone Winston.

I hope that Vodafone Fiji, with other sponsors will again sponsor the 2017 Rakiraki Carnival since it’s getting better and bigger every year. I hope for the best to our Ms Rakiraki carnival queen’s participation in the Miss Fiji Pageant.



Sevens coach choices

Michael Chambers, Lautoka

It was the topic during one of our kava sessions with my two good friends from the hood, Naita Dona Kalou and Navala villager, Save Raiko.

Dona a.k.a Tamai Ba’s (Ba’s dad) choice was Mike Friday as head coach and Naca Cawanibuka as assistant.

While Save a.k.a Tamai Eneri’s (Eneri’s dad) choice was Chris Cracknell as head coach and Epeli Lagiloa as assistant. Weetwiiuu . . . that’s interesting choices with excellent reasoning.

The brain storming or post mortem was done the Fiji tanoa way, taking us through the night till the clock struck one . . . hickory dickory dock.



Kava and Donu removal

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC, Canadai

It is great news to read that NewWorld, and MH Supermarket and some other fish outlets are now committed to remove kava and donu from their fish and seafood section in support of the 4FJ campaign (FS 1/10).

The printed photo of NewWorld Supermarket staff holding pictures of kava and donu made me laugh, as the whole point of the 4FJ campaign is for these fish to remain at sea and not dead on land.

After removing it from sales, it would be really stupid if it is put back into the sea, so it will surely end up in a pot.

Please supermarkets and fish outlets, don’t just remove it from sales but tell the fishers and middleman not to catch kava and Donu, and stop buying it from them.



A day’s earnings

Sukha Singh, Labasa

At 1830 hours at the RB Patel Supermarket a beggar was having his coins counted by the cashier.

I tried to look at the beggar, but he wouldn’t look at me.

I was surprised by the number of $1 coins that were on the counter.

I really don’t know how much he earned on Friday but for this guy who can’t walk; it is really hard work sitting in one spot for almost 12 hours a day.

With the number of one dollar coins this guy receives I know Labasa is a very generous place.

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