Letters To The Editor, 5th October, 2016

Kudos to the landowners Floyd Robinson, Nasinu While many are flocking to Tailevu to fetch supplies of the so called miracle water, let’s not forget an important point. The land
05 Oct 2016 11:04
Letters To The Editor, 5th  October, 2016
Letter To The Editor

Kudos to the landowners

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

While many are flocking to Tailevu to fetch supplies of the so called miracle water, let’s not forget an important point.

The land owners have openly welcomed members of the public to have access to the water.

This caring and loving attitude of the landowners deserves acknowledgement. May they be blessed.


Miracle Water

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Since thousands of people have drunk the miracle water, there has been a decrease in the number of people visiting hospitals.


Ministry of Health approval

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada

The acting Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor Josefa Koroivueta said if the water was miraculous, then they would leave it be, as peoples’ wellness was priority.

After all one of the famous doctrines is that above all do not do harm and if people are getting healing from that water, why disturb it?” (FS 2/10).

The word “disturb” reminds us of the story in the Bible where sick people lay waiting beside a pool in Jerusalem, believing that whoever gets in when the pool is stirred or disturbed will get healed (John 5: 1-15).

It is good news that the Ministry of Health recognises that some people are getting healed by using the miracle water from Natadradave in Dawasamu, Tailevu.

It is also great to read that Fulton Hogan Hiways has upgraded the road leading to the village and the water, so that people including those on wheelchairs get to the disturbed or stirred water with ease.

With the Ministry of Health’s approval and the road upgrade, those who have been encouraged by the testimonies of those who claimed to be cured or healed, will travel out there in bigger numbers by faith.

We have read the touching and encouraging story shared to us by a regular writer to this column, describing his recent visit to Natadradave Village.

It would be great if the FijiFirst Government could help out by getting the Army Engineers to help the people of Natadradave in the setup of the whole operation, as people will be visiting that site in greater numbers.

In John 5, Jesus healed an invalid who had been sick for 38 years and was too slow to get into the pool when it was stirred.

For Fijians, try the ‘miracle water’ if your conscience and finances allows you to. But why go to the created when we all have access to the great Creator?

He is still in the business of healing and restoring people who seek Him by faith.



Police presence wanted

Rajesh Lal, Lautoka

The crime rate in Lautoka is increasing day by day especially on Ravouvou Street and to my surprise there isn’t any foot patrol by so called upholders of the law[Police].

They are only seen in twin cabs after a robbery has taken place.

Can the high ranking officers come out and check on why Police officers are not seen doing foot patrol?

Is the Police Force lacking manpower?

If so, get the military officers who can do a better job so the public and business houses can feel safe.



The Naikelimusu Bridge

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Is this bridge safe?

With public holidays and the festive season around the corner, the Nasilai Beach will be once again be very busy and busloads of people are expected to fill the beach at these historical site.

With the Naikelimusu Bridge the only access to the beach and 10 other villages, the relevant authorities should think of doing something or it will be too late.

With the banks eroding day by day and boats zipping in and out, the buses crossing minute by minute something is bound to happen.

But hopefully nothing serious happens before action is taken.

The Fiji Roads Authority should have a look at its safety or it will end up like the Lami Bridge when suddenly it closed, the public suffered the most.

The village of Naimalavau is also losing useful land in the erosion and even the Naikelimusu Rugby Club is also losing its practice ground in the process.

Hopefully someone will listen to our plea.



Corporal punishment on inmates

Josaia Bulavakarua, Rakiraki

I was listening to the Corrections Commissioner’s interview on the 4 the Record programme on FBC TV on Sunday asking for the possibility of reintroducing corporal punishment in our Correction facilities.

Corporal punishment in my view is an easy, strong, visible, and therefore effective deterrent as well as a proportionate punishment for certain crimes.

However, there are always alternative punishments that could be used in prison: solitary confinement, the removal of privileges, extension of sentence and so on.

Mistreatment of inmates in my opinion is particularly open to excessive abuse from correction supervisors who seek to maintain order through a climate of fear .

Therefore it is against the UN Declaration of Human Rights which  forbids ‘torture or… cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’.

Corporal Punishment should only be reserved for aggravated robbery, murder, rape or sexual offences which are very violent and has psychological and emotional effects to the victims.

Thank you Mr Commissioner.


Fraud recovery

Neelz Singh, Lami

Fraud, corruption, financial bribery and obtaining property by deception or taking financial advantages, I am just wondering how the perpetrators are able to repay?

Is there any way to recover or the only way is by serving sentence is when found guilty?

Corruption scopes 80 per cent of the money to outflow to overseas or swish banks and good project stops that would be a good investment or benefit of the nation.

Mmmmm, seems most of them is fooling our system in place. Vinaka.


FRU on track

Norman Yee, Nadi

The Fiji Rugby Union is not saying much.

But since Paula Biu and Naca Cawanibuka are holding the fort in building up the team’s fitness until a new coach is selected, we seem to be on the right track.

All we need now is for the new coach not to discard what Ben Ryan has achieved, but to take it to another level to keep the opposition guessing. There is so much casual flamboyance in the way our boys are playing that it is a joy to watch and be amazed at the way the ball is offloaded from hand to hand until a try is made. Good luck to the new coach and God’s blessings on him/her and the team!



Subjective preacher

Samuela Kailawadoko, Nadi

The sermon of the head of a new religion on Mai TV on Sunday night October 2, said in the vernacular language; “Kemuni na kai Viti eso na tamata yalo ca”, he was referring to the iTaukei as having bad attitude.

He was also on record as saying the iTaukei did not flourish in their land because of that bad attitude. Other races owned buildings and towns.

In fact, he admitted he was blessed on the work he was doing.

He should not decide because the church is not a judge.

He should focus all his energies on immediate advantages aimed at compensating himself from the unfortunate and the poor here.

Therefore, I suggest he render his services in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, Middle-East and Africa.

The main-stream churches have already established relationships based on respect for dignity and growth of the human person between iTaukei populations and descendants of those who settled on our territories.

Together individuals and communities have taken responsibilities for building a society in which the legitimate diversity of its people may be recognised.

We have strived to translate our fundamental equality into the daily realities of private and public life.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


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