The Power of Human Values

  A few weekends ago I attended a programme which fundamentally preached human values of which can be used on a daily basis. The programme itself was catering primarily for the
08 Oct 2016 11:00
The Power of Human Values
Arun Govil & Sumeet Tappoo on Stage.


A few weekends ago I attended a programme which fundamentally preached human values of which can be used on a daily basis. The programme itself was catering primarily for the Hindu section of society who follow the teachings of “The Ramayana”.

I was approached to become the chairperson of this event which was going to have two shows one in Suva at the FMF Gymnasium and one in Nadi at Prince Charles Park Stadium

I am always happy to involve myself with activities that unify and promote good living and values in society, so I was very interested in learning more about the teachings of “The Ramayana”.

Those who know me are aware that I am multi-faithed and have a leaning towards both Christianity and Hinduism, which I believe are very similar in their teachings. In fact I have a healthy respect for all religions and firmly believe the core essence of any religion does not preach greed, power and envy but rather love, compassion and forgiveness.

Having accepted the role as chairperson I wanted to learn more about the teachings of the Ramayana in depth as I already knew about them on a broader scale. Surprisingly I found the scriptures and meanings very useful and also very powerful once I had explored further, in fact you could use these meanings in your everyday life or even use them as a way of living your life.

The person chosen to deliver the recital was a very famous and revered actor named Arun Govil from India who had taken the role of Rama the leading character in “The Ramayana” a few years ago in the original television adaptation of this story. To accompany him in telling the story but from a musical perspective was Fiji’s own singing celebrity Sumeet Tappoo.

The pair delivered a fine performance for the public to enjoy and more importantly leave the people in attendance with something good to think about and hopefully implement into their daily lives.

What really surprised me though was the amount of interest shown in such a concert which to me was very heart-warming. Originally I had my doubts as to whether we would be playing to a full house or whether the two venues chosen may have been too big.

Well I am the first to admit I was wrong as the demand for passes for the shows surpassed by far the number we had to give out. Being a religious and also Human Values event there was no charge to come and enjoy the performance but by having passes for entry it gave the committee a chance to regulate the number of attendees.

In total we distributed about 13,000 passes and on the night we had about 15,000 people attend the concerts in Suva and Nadi which was way beyond our expectations.

For me on a personal note it was most uplifting to see such a wonderful turnout of the public to witness and also enjoy fundamentally a celebration of good virtues and also reinforce the values that good will triumph over evil.

We often read about or see on television on a daily basis conflict, disagreement, deceit and negativity that can be very disillusioning for the soul, but for one night at least both in Nadi and Suva I saw families and indiviuals leaving the arena and stadium with hope and peace in their hearts.

My loving mother always reinforced the fact that through love you can conquer all and as I have learned through my own multi-faith teachings, she is absolutely right.

Edited by Rusiate Mataika

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