Letters To The Editor, 15th, October, 2016

Fiji Sugar Corporation Ronnie Chang, Nadi Will the Fiji Sugar Corporation please investigate, research and give advice on why thousands upon thousands of valuable rain tree (and similar) branches are
15 Oct 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 15th, October, 2016
Letter To The Editor

Fiji Sugar Corporation

Ronnie Chang,


Will the Fiji Sugar Corporation please investigate, research and give advice on why thousands upon thousands of valuable rain tree (and similar) branches are ruthlessly cut and used as supporting posts in the thousands of sugarcane rail trucks in our Viti Levu cane belt?

I have noted this trend for several seasons now.

Where have all the original steel posts disappeared to?

Have scrap metal dealers made a quick buck (or two)?

It’s very troubling to witness these sad scenarios during the sugarcane harvesting season.

The Prime Minister and Minister for Sugar Voreqe Bainimarama might want to take serious note of the above.

We cannot keep “Fiji Green” with irresponsible actions of all concerned.

Please do not destroy our valuable trees. Such destruction leads to global warming.

Our university faculties will be interested to carry out their researches and help reverse this damaging trend.




Daylight savings

Kirti Patel,


Once again with a heavy heart, I will wind my clock an hour forward.




Fiji International

John Cooper,


With the massive prize money given out at the Fiji International golf event at the Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course last week, I wonder what percentage of that prize money goes to the National Golf Association of Fiji?

You cannot run a Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) tournament in Australia, New Zealand or around the world for that matter, without the country of play receiving a grant from the event. And the actual permission of the PGA of that country to have the event.




Common sense

Dhirendra Prasad,


Some people in this world think they are the only people around.

This is creeping within us as well at a very rapid pace.

Be it driving, thought-provoking conversations, policy making and research, they think that they are invincible.

Please ponder over the fact that there have been many great people in the world who have shown their path through the illumination of their adorable attributes of professionalism.

They may be no longer with us, but if they were, they may be crying to see the current so-called experts in every field.

We must be realistic with experienced people in the specific field of life to make sense.

How can a person who has never ploughed land teach  ploughing?

He may end up making palau instead.

Let us make sense out of the common sense we have.

Otherwise we would end up being a nonsense amongst all.




Education complaints

Manoa Kaleca,


A few days ago my children who are schooling at Gospel Primary School in Suva came to me and shared with me a very sad story.

They told me that one of their school teachers had been removed from their school by the Ministry of Education.

I asked them what had happened and apparently they said it was something trivial.

A case I would have thought the school management could have dealt with.

Apparently, they stated that the child’s parents wrote and complained to the Minister for Education directly.  Please parents, stop writing to the Minister for Education regarding issues with your child at school.

The minister did not enroll your children at their respective school but you did.

If you have a problem with a teacher at your children’s school, please speak with them first and if that doesn’t work then speak with their respective school heads or principals.

I am afraid that too many good teachers have been lost because of these trivial issues.  Sa rauta mada! (Just stop it!)




Blessings from above

Floyd Robinson,


Was not the weather earlier in the week a blessing?

The heat appeared almost unbearable in Nadi last Sunday, but suddenly the heavens opened up to release heavy downpour.

A blessing it was to the plants and trees. A blessing it was for farmers.

Was nice to sleep enjoyably in the cold weather which prevailed for a few days.

All in all, let’s not forget to appreciate our blessings from above.




Fire safety

Sukha Singh,


We must have a new regulation in Fiji regarding open fires.

To light open fires in town and city boundaries one must get a fire permit from the fire station.  It is also very important to know that oxygen and fuel is required to make a fire. To stop a fire you have to remove any of the two.

I have also noticed that the local pine timber has a lot of resin in it .

These pine houses when they catch fire, they burn like gas. We can have the resin removed from the pine before it is made into timber.

I think it would be a good idea to have all secondary students to do a fire safety course and a fire drill.




Come clean

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


Allegations of unprofessional conducts of sexual activity claims between some Opposition members and Parliamentary staff members, favouritisms, alleged misconducts, illegal payments, etc should be investigated.

The Secretary-General to Parliament Viniana Namosimalua must come clean and explain to Fijians what she is doing about all these allegations against those public servants who are making a mockery and creating a bad image to our august house.

It is not the duty of the Speaker to Parliament, it is the Secretary-General as the chief administrator who manages the Parliament’s  daily affairs.

She must take charge in doing the right thing and should not be hiding behind the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee nor use it as an excuse.

Her role can be compared to a Permanent Secretary to the Speaker.

Please Ms Namosimalua, take responsibility for what is happening.

You owe it to the people of this country as taxpayers and you must come clean. All that is happening reflects back to your leadership quality as a manager.

No one is indispensable.

Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj



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