Letters To The Editor 15th,October,2016

Cults Bishop Jason Verma JP, Savura, Wailoku So called religious churches are propping up from nowhere claiming to have a revelation from God. How do we know that they are
16 Oct 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor 15th,October,2016
Letters To The Editor


Bishop Jason Verma JP,

Savura, Wailoku

So called religious churches are propping up from nowhere claiming to have a revelation from God.

How do we know that they are a true church and God has really called them?

Some of the leaders of these so called churches have no idea of theology or any hint how to translate the Bible.

Certain customs and rituals of the Bible was for that period and have no relevance to us now. A lot of families have been divided because of the wrong doctrine being proclaimed, children have been deprived of education and the future of young girls ruined causing emotional trauma.

But putting the leader in jail has not stopped the church from achieving their objectives.

These type of churches should be closed.

It is high time that the Government should step in and regulate the churches and scrutinise the leaders to see if they have a license to operate, are educated and not waking up from sleep and become leaders.

The leaders must have a Police clearance with no adverse records.



Selling Jesus

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


For many decades, various governments have been trying to implement various policies that will close the huge gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” in Fiji.

The Rabuka government gave aid priorities to the GCC and iTaukei over other races. Laisenia Qarase gave EIMCOL assistance to some elites, Mahendra Chaudhry gave hefty benefits to cane farmers and now the Bainimarama Government has given aids to all.

Under the micro-finance scheme, our people are trained to start their own businesses via farms, canteens, handicrafts, fisheries and etc to earn income, but still many of these failed.

I think they are missing out a sector where iTaukei business really thrives today – the Church.

Look at my tavale Atu for example. He has done well for himself under the New Methodists.

Look at the World Harvest Supermarkets chain of stores now expanding. Look at various preaching on TV every Sunday morning and the millions of dollars in donations pouring in. “Who says Jesus can’t sell?”

Even though Jesus was just one man with one teaching, we now have over a hundred denominations of his faith teaching different things.

Some worship Sabbaths on Sunday, some on Saturdays, some even on weekdays (Lunar Sabbath worshippers) and so on.

Some entice young new members to join by using live bands in their churches and some have even used reggae to praise God. Hey, we even have sex now as part of religious training (Back to Eden Church) and not long ago a denomination of the “Congregation of the Poor” shared all things they have, even their wives and husbands.

I believe that selling Jesus for business to assist the poor is the least sin if it is a sin in the first place.



School zoning

Joji Koroibanuve,


This policy cannot work in Fiji. There are more schools in a given zone in proportion to number of students and these schools would be competing for a very limited number of students.

Parents cannot be stopped from sending their children to their preferred school.

For instance, a Seventh-Day Adventist family would like to send their children to Suvavou Adventist School because of their doctrinal beliefs, and a Chinese family to Yat Sen because of the Chinese language that only Yat Sen teaches, and some choose boarding school to instill independence in their children.

The Government needs to understand and consider such elements and say so if they cannot provide free bus fares instead of coming up with a policy that would do more harm than good. One tends to wonder the motive behind all this saga…..God bless Fiji!


Congratulations Una

Tomasi Boginiso,


Recently seven’s maestro Waisele Serevi’s eldest daughter Una Serevi made a mark for herself by graduating in flying colours in the US army.

She was unrecognisable in uniform, but the family was all out there to celebrate. Even the presence of Pita Naruma for former Fijian 7s rep who is the younger brother of Una’s grandfather.

Proud moments for Una’s parents and family members .

Congratulations Una


Water of life and death

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,

Delta, BC, Canada

When we come to think of it, water is essential for life and lives have also been lost in water.

The miracle healing water in Natadradave and Delakado Village is special because the Ministry of Health has approved it and Government is showing its support by building rest rooms etc.

I believe this miracle healing water is one way of getting Fijians to put their faith in God, as the healer of all diseases when one uses this water.

My uncle Laitia Toroki who lives in Flagstaff, Suva made a faith trip to the water site and he confirmed to me on Facebook that two members of his household have been cured of asthma after drinking the miracle water.

Jesus when talking to the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4), moved her focus from the water in the well to the living water being Himself which leads to eternal life.

She believed and accepted the living water and her life was transformed and I believe that she will be resurrected when Christ returns.

It is my prayer that all who by faith go out to try the miracle water will follow the example of the Samaritan woman.

We are being warned that two to three Tropical Cyclones will come our way this hurricane season and we were earlier told that we should expect ones stronger than Tropical Cyclone Winston.

We certainly have been warned and we need to prepare well as we do not want the number of lives claimed by Cyclone Winston to be repeated.

From a Christian perspective, we need to be ready everyday as we do not know the day and hour our candle gets blown out.

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