Letters To The Editor, 18th October, 2016

Ministry of Agriculture Josaia Bulavakarua, Ra I would like to commend the work of the senior agriculture officer (Ra) , Mr Mausio, and his staff at the agriculture department in
18 Oct 2016 11:10
Letters To The Editor, 18th October, 2016

Ministry of Agriculture

Josaia Bulavakarua,


I would like to commend the work of the senior agriculture officer (Ra) , Mr Mausio, and his staff at the agriculture department in Rakiraki , Nanukuloa , Namarai and Dobuilevu Station.

Mr Mausio and his dedicated staff provided valuable advice to us farmers in the Nalawa, Rakiraki, Saivou and Nakorotubu districts. This has in turn assist individual farmers in expanding their farms from subsistence to commercial farming.

The Ra province is fortunate that we have a very humble and well qualified SAO and I would ask that the Ra farmers continue to use the expertise of our SAO before he is transferred elsewhere.

Continue the good work.



Illegal fishing

Peggy Thomas,

Pacific Harbour

I have now been witnessing some very strange, and I am sure, totally illegal fishing. This occurs at nights and at spots where operators of Shark Dive, Aqua trek and others who are taking tourists out.

I suspect these perpetrators are killing sharks for their fins. I have never seen sea birds so busy and loud obviously on a feeding frenzy at night. Come daylight and they are gone like thieves.

I hope someone somewhere takes heed of this letter and do something about it soon.



Cheap stunt!

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


The Girmitiya arrivals to our country in the late 1800 was respected then, and still is today.

No one can take that away from them and their descendents who have all contributed significantly and positively to our country’s development, growth and economy, including that of Biman Prasad and his NFP supporters.

His demand for Government to gazette and put aside a day to commemorate the Girmitiya’s is a cheap political stunt.

It seems Biman has run out of constructive ideas and issues that he can positively contribute to in moving our country forward.

Government has done away with the Ratu Sukuna and the Queen’s Birthday public holidays respectively, like the Girmitiya’s they are all part of beloved past histories, but let’s move on to live and deal with the challenges of the more important things in our daily life’s affairs.

Inter-marriages between races in Fiji are rife and all legal, that is a right and is a clear indicator of true democracy and true multi racialism.

Our 2013 Constitution has rightfully confirmed our Girmitiya’s status in their adopted country as Fijians including their livelihoods and their right to join any religion of their desire, with Fiji being a secular state plus their right to choose which leader and political party they prefer to lead their country as Prime Minister, which was overwhelmingly demonstrated through a landslide victory in the 2014 elections.

That is exactly why the NFP only has three seats forever waiting in the opposition bench with their partner, SODELPA.

Government is moving forward in providing a bigger and better platform for all Fijians in an inclusive indiscriminate manner both at the national level and in the world front.
Ungrateful litter bugs

Tomasi Boginiso,


People expecting life in Natadradave should also consider the environment and its surroundings because the waters are expecting people to come in clean with the belief they would be cured.

And if you are littering before getting to the ‘healing water’ its does not really serve its purpose.

Thanks to FMF, they have provided bins for those people who care less about the environment.

Hopefully, the people who have yet to visit Natadradave Village will keep the area clean.




Minimum wage

Samuela Kailawadoko,


The $2.32 hourly minimum wage rate for unskilled workers was discussed during the Top Executive [TOPEX] meeting conference at the Sofitel.

Consider the two pieces of contemporary information below, and this not far off from those at the TOPEX conference. The first compares the wages US corporations pay their chief executives with the amount paid to other CEO’s around the world. In Germany, a corporation executive earns 21 times as much as the average worker; in Japan, 16.

In 1980, the CEOs of US corporations received 42 times the wage of the average worker. By 1990, the ratio had risen 85 times the pay of the average worker.

In 2000, it was 531 times greater than the workers whose labours made their profits possible.

Or to put it another way, the United Nations Development Programme reported in 1998 that the world’s 225 richest people had a combined annual income equal to that of the world’s 2.5 billion poorest people. That is approximately half the population of the globe.

Sixty of these lived in the United States. These are the people who insist that welfare programmes must be cut and that tax breaks are needed to secure the profit margins of the wealthiest companies in the world [Laws of the heart – Joan Chittister].”You shall not steal”,” is a fresh as the morning paper.




Minimum wage

Narayan Reddy,



If the minimum wages is approved at $4 hour, I believe that the cost of living will go up with the increase.

What the Government and the unions should be doing is try and bring the cost of living down.

Some might disagree but just for example, if the production cost of one roofing iron is $2 and the person who manufactures that roofing iron is paid $2.50 at the moment, what will be the cost of production for the same roofing iron if the worker is paid $4?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the price will increase. So how about the unions and the Government bring the cost of living down? It can be a win win situation for everybody!

Laybuy it 5squares

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