Letters To The Editor, 20th October, 2016

Flour and chips John William, Nausori While the price of a serve of fish and chips has gone down and the serves increased by an inch, I think some restaurants
20 Oct 2016 11:04
Letters To The Editor, 20th October, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Flour and chips

John William,


While the price of a serve of fish and chips has gone down and the serves increased by an inch, I think some restaurants are fooling customers by serving flour and chips instead of fish and chips.

I was having fish and chips for lunch at an eatery in Suva when we noticed that the fish was actually one per cent fish and 99 per cent flour.

What a great lesson indeed.


Parcel delivery

Peggy Thomas,


What gives courier service employees the right to speak to their customers rudely?

One such employee actually rang a customer and demanded to know what was in the parcel that her eight-year-old son received from her estranged in-laws from South Africa by courier.

When one is the receiver and not the sender how could she know what the contents are, how much the cost was, etc.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it should be the sender who has to declare the contents, price and everything else? It does not take a rocket scientist or Houdini to comprehend that.

The drivers cannot be bothered to deliver parcels to your doors because they are simply lazy and do not care even if it claims it is a door-to-door delivery courier. Their most annoying practise is to leave your parcel at the Police station, call you up and give you some excuse of not being able to find your address and tell you to go and collect your parcel.

This is not the first time I have complained about this courier company. I am hoping that something will be done to improve their services but I will not hold my breath.



Neelz Singh,


A perfect morning on my way to the university changed as some students were told not to attend classes nor use the library services or will not be able to sit exams because their names were de-registered from the roll.

That means they are no longer students until outstanding fees were cleared. Where is the holistic approach of education now?

The hardship some parents are facing to put students on tertiary stream of education, and students who are trying very hard to cope and fulfill their career dreams have hit a brick wall.

The cost of education is high with our living standard as 60 per cent of Fijians are below poverty line and minimum wage is taking its toll.

Trade and vocational institutions are better now with jobs available to cater the market and demand. Think twice to choose a better career that comes with a price.


Connect upgrading

Joe Smith,


One of the country’s internet service provider has recently advised thousands of its customers to upgrade their modem for security reasons.

There is no way anyone could switch to guidelines given.

Could the chief executive officer of the internet service provide investigate these important but user-unfriendly guidelines, please?


CCTV cameras

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


The story and pictures in the Fiji Sun on 17/10 about a suspect who was caught on CCTV camera doing a burglary at a home in Lautoka will definitely boost the sale of these cameras and increase the need of having a security alarm system.

We are told that the CCTV camera costs $3000, which in this case, led to the quick arrest of the house break-in suspect.

We are told that these so-called thieves are getting very smart these days and I guess the one that got caught must have been desperate because he took off his hat which showed his face, and he was not observant to spot the installed cameras.

One reason people put out signs which read ‘Beware of Dogs’ was to warn the would-be thieves that they may be bitten by a savage dog if they break in with the intention of stealing. Some households have these warnings even when they do not own a dog.

From this story, one can see the benefit of having a CCTV camera installed without placing a warning sign outside the house saying that the home is installed with CCTV cameras.

Had the burglar known, he would probably have dressed himself in a clown suit or wore a mask.

What if a burglar turned the lights off at night and used a flashlight to rumble through a house? Would the CCTV camera make a definite identification of the suspect?

When the suspect broke open the burglar grill to enter the house, did that spark an alarm with the security company that installed the CCTV camera, or is it just like a video recorder, which needed to be played back to catch the suspect?

These so-called thieves are getting smarter and much more organised and those who need to have a security system for their homes or business, need to install s system that is steps ahead of these criminal minds.


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