Avoid Overspending This Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights and its excitement draws near. This is one of those occasions when Fijian consumers as well as the traders look forward to. There is a
21 Oct 2016 14:26
Avoid Overspending This Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights and its excitement draws near. This is one of those occasions when Fijian consumers as well as the traders look forward to. There is a shopping hype with major promotions, sale, discounts and zero-dollar hire purchase deals already underway.

Shopping for sweets and its ingredients, new clothes, presents, lights, fire crackers and household items are priorities for manyhouseholds. Many consumers would be investing on furniture, curtains and electrical appliances for their homes as well.

Amidst such excitement consumers are advised to make the most of the on-going Diwali sale and promotions but with caution. Being a bit frugal can help save money that can be used in the future when it is really needed. One must always save for ‘rainy days’.

The best way to start your shopping is by comparing prices. It is important to visit other shops and supermarkets to check for the cheapest prices. It is not necessary to shop for all groceries at the same supermarket. You can buy items that are cheap and of a better quality at one supermarket and buy other items that are cheaper in other supermarkets. The same can be done when shopping for Diwali outfits. Many of us have that one favourite shop that we like to go to buy our saris and salwar kameez. However, it is advisable to at least take a look at other stores and the specials they offer. You may find a much better outfit at a lower price than what you may find at your favourite store.

It is always advisable to make a list of things you need before you begin the shopping exercise. This helps in chalking out a budget and will also help save time as you would go to only those places where these products are available.

Purchase fireworks responsibly. There may be some retailers who would be selling old stock. Usually, firecrackers from previous years are sold at a cheaper price so that it is cleared. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check the quality of the crackers. Set a separate budget for firecrackers and follow it diligently.

Beautify your home with decorations that can be used again. Use diya instead of electrical lights and candle. Diya can be used again the followingyear. Decide on how you will decorate your home and make a list of items to purchase according to that list.

Consider online shopping especially those who are tech-savvy and may have experienced online shopping in the past. Items, especially ethnic-Indian clothing are cheaper online. However, shop from a trusted online store. Get recommendations from friends and family for the best online retailer. Shop in advance so that you can get the items delivered on time. You must keep track of your purchase.

Avoid falling for zero-dollar deals when buying goods on hire purchase. Check for the interest rates, backup service, and availability of spare parts, insurance and warranty. Before committing to an agreement, read and understand the document. Check for exclusionary clauses in your agreements and take independent legal or financial advices. Do not sign agreements which you do not understand or agree with.

Lastly, follow your shopping list and budget attentively. Do not engage in impulsive buying which you may regret later.Make a list of all the sweets, savory and food you will be making for Diwali and buy ingredients according to that list. Also consider keeping your feast sugar-controlled and healthy. You can always enjoy sweets in the company of fruits/dry fruits.

Enjoy the essence of the festival which is to spend quality time with your loved ones.  This is more valuable than spending money on feast and gifts.


Have a wonderful and safe Diwali!


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