Letters To The Editor, 21st, October, 2016

Driving in Fiji Apete Marayawa, Tauvegavega (Ba) This is my five cents on Driving in Fiji. Your vehicle size determines who’s right. The bigger your vehicle you win by might!
21 Oct 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 21st, October, 2016
Letter To The Editor

Driving in Fiji

Apete Marayawa,

Tauvegavega (Ba)

This is my five cents on Driving in Fiji.

Your vehicle size determines who’s right.

The bigger your vehicle you win by might!

Be careful of drivers who’ll defy gravity

Book them please before they become a road cavity!

A bus-stop is determined by where-ever a bus stops

Regardless of the bus-stop signs, it’s really not rocket science!

Now smoking is prohibited in Public Service Vehicles

Yet Public Service Vehicles will be smoking back at you!

Red means stop. Green means Go. It’s easy enough to follow

Amber beware. Take real care. To some it means totolo (hurry)!

A humble plea to all road users, safety first our characteristic

For if you fail in this logistic you’ll become the next statistic!



Begging Church

Rajesh Lal,


What a shame to see a well known church using its members to go and beg for money in the form of cent a tick on the streets of Lautoka and Nadi.

By doing this the church is making the Word of God of no value. Since when did our Lord Jesus Christ become poor?

As Christians we are called to reach out as what the Great Commission is commanding us to do and not beg for money to build big churches, because God does not reside in churches made of hands.

Churches are moving away from the purpose of what it is called, but rather they are enjoying begging on the streets fulfilling physical desires.

Shame on these so called churches!!! Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.



Nadi City

Ronnie Chang,


The proclamation (or declaration) of the township of the Jetset Town of Nadi to full city status is about one whole year away.

Here are a few pointers, from a layman’s viewpoint.

Could this historical occasion be made to coincide with the week-long Bula festivities for 2017?

Whilst we thank all the organisers of yesteryears’ festivals, it is very timely to include all the stalwarts and top-guns of our tourism industry inclusive of all the brains-trust in the “tourism capital of Fiji, Denarau”.

All resort chief executive officers, sales and marketing identities, trades people, executive chefs, horticulturists, entertainment gurus etc should also be included.

It would also be proper and fitting to include Fiji Tourism, our very own inbound tourist operators.

All the above are to be invited to immediately form planning committee tasked to host this mile-stone event of a life-time.

It can be respectfully acknowledged that our Bula Festival has somewhat been too much of that “same old, same old” glory of yesteryears.

Here’s food for thought, shared respectfully and totally, free-of-charge.

Some generous sponsors might be encouraged to “come forward” and contribute their wares charitably.

Part of proceeds should go to upgrading facilities at our poorly designed Nadi Hospital to expected levels to cater for our visitors from “over the seas” under strict and professional supervision plus our school for the less fortunate – located right next door.



Nadi Town Council

Arien Vikash Kumar,


On behalf of the Nadi residents, I would like to acknowledge the generosity of the Japanese government for kindly donating a $180k worth garbage truck to the Nadi Town Council.

Could the Nadi Town Council also try and secure a donor agency to upgrade the Nadi Minivan Stand, if the council itself lacks funds to do it?

Hope the minivan operators are paying the base fee to the council?

There’s also an urgent need for a proper shelter, a public convenience and a stand pipe.

In the meantime, let’s welcome the new chief executive officer for the Nadi Town Council and hope our (commuters) voice reaches the very new and fresh ears at least this time.



Praise the Lord!

Isireli Bolaniveimau,


First and foremost, Praise the Lord, the God of Israel who lives from everlasting to everlasting. Amen and amen (PS 41:13).

Subsequently, one of the compelling factors that convincingly is mind boggling and naturally binding on the planet Earth is that all created beings must take water into their bodies in some form and dispose of body refuse.

Likewise, all persons therefore have water supply and disposal methods, none the less, even in our beloved Fiji, various localities of our communities directly engage with the following such as dipping from flowing streams, drawing buckets of water from the well, turning water taps and catching rain water from roofs, as they are all water supply methods.

On the benefit of hindsight, during the aftermath period of February this year after Fiji was being hit with a category five T/C Winston notably the strongest ever in the Southern Hemisphere with wind gusts of 306 km/hr another peculiar significant discovery that took place in the North Eastern side of Viti Levu on a site known as Natadradave where the miracle healing water surfaced therein.

Realistically though, our Government with relevant ministries and stakeholders worked in partnership with the communities at large as to streamline and incorporate convenience  restrooms and sanitation in view of public demand that flooded to Natadradave looking for better health.

Moreover with due respect to the chief executive officer of the Water Authority Opetaia Ravai with his staff who worked overtime doing tremendous work for stationary water taps as well as to the project that will take shape in the near future for the erection of a pool and a restroom.

In a nutshell, in my view we should grasp these golden opportunity before it may be too late as everything under this planet is under season as it also comes to an end.



De-registering students at USP

Ashneel J Prasad,

Auckland, NZ

I think it’s unfair for USP to de-register students whose Semester II fee’s haven’t been paid in full.

Withholding the grades for Semester II would’ve been a better option, but de-registering, seriously?


Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


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