Letters To The Editor, 7th November 2016

Golden sulu Sukha Singh, Labasa Let’s give Ben Ryan a Fijian ‘sulu’ made from gold cloth. Let him be the first man to wear a ‘golden sulu’. It will save
07 Nov 2016 15:00
Letters To The Editor, 7th November 2016
Letters To The Editor

Golden sulu

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Let’s give Ben Ryan a Fijian ‘sulu’ made from gold cloth.

Let him be the first man to wear a ‘golden sulu’. It will save him the trouble of washing and ironing when he feels like wearing the sulu.

I am willing to put in $200 for the first ‘golden sulu’.

Trump and Disney

Ashneel J Prasad, New Zealand

Well if Trump does win the US presidential election, the proudest person would’ve been Walt Disney and Daisy.

Why? Cause Donald may become a President before Micky does.

Retirement age

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada

The topic about civil service retirement age has again popped up in this column and again the million-dollar question has been raised: “Why retire people at 55 when they are at their peak?”

I believe the answer is simple when we try to answer another question: “How do we handle the thousands of school leavers every year, if Fijians are still employed at age 60 to 65?”

Retiring people at 55 or earlier is one solution; they in turn can use their retirement fund to start their own income-generating business, which could employ those who are unemployed.

The Government wants Fijian students to be educated as far as one could go so that it could absorb and find employment for those who are unemployed.

This is why Fiji needs business investments that would create jobs, the opening up of overseas skilled and seasonal work, and those with land and resources to go into self sustaining ventures with the help of Government.

The Fijian population is increasing by the day. Every year thousands of students leave school and there are more unemployed and less jobs.

Should we as Fijians demand to remain working until we reach the age of 60 or 65 and let Government handle and worry about all the unemployed youths in Fiji?

Most of us have retired at 55, and we should ask ourselves how we can become a blessing to others by employing people, or training others to be self sufficient.

All Blacks loss

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

The mighty All Blacks have finally fallen thanks to the Shamrocks.

Happy for the win, but I was also worried my mate Cameron wouldn’t cook his nena’s Sunday lunch due to the loss.

Isa, I just thought of his dog, Rexy.

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