Letters To The Editor, 12th November 2016

Donald Trump – Tarabu Sukha Singh, Labasa Now that Donald Trump has won the United States presidential election, I am expecting some kids in Fiji will be named after him
12 Nov 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 12th November 2016
Letters To the Editor

Donald Trump – Tarabu

Sukha Singh,


Now that Donald Trump has won the United States presidential election, I am expecting some kids in Fiji will be named after him or the Trump name modified into a Fijian name such as Tarabu where letter “M” is silent.



Damodar City – Taxi snag

Samuela R Rareba ,

Raiwaqa, Suva

With vehicles coming in and out of Damodar City, almost every now and then, and in most cases causing a queue in the parking lot that will take ages to move; and to top it off with the number of people doing their shopping there, it is without a doubt one of the busiest shopping complexes we have in Suva.

When this is so, it is very sad indeed that the regular users of the complex are not allowed to stop taxis at the road side, but to use the taxis that are based in the complex.

Come on Damodar, we understand that the taxis based at your complex pay some reasonable amount of money to be based there, but is it not the right of the public to choose which taxi to use?

Also, at most times when there is a queue in the parking lot, customers can not wait for taxis to come in, rather that is why they go to the road side for taxis.

So, I urge you Mr Damodar, if you could allow people to come and buy freely in the complex and let them choose their taxis freely.



Fire Hose reels

Satish Nakched,


Fire hose reels is a hand operated fire-fighting equipment which are installed in the new buildings through the recommendation of the National Fire Authority and are subject to certain conditions for the safety of all the occupants.

It is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control a fire, often in emergency situation primarily used to respond to fires in the early stages of development. A competent person with a well serviced and maintained fire hose reel can prevent a disaster from occurring.

The equipment should be well identified and conveniently located to provide a reasonably accessible and controlled supply of water to combat a potential fire risk, especially where building occupants are trapped and cannot escape to an emergency exit.

Fire hose reels are manufactured to comply with approved standards. They are connected to the main water supply and are either wall-mounted or in cabinets. They require appropriate signage indicating their location and suitability.

The length of a fully extended fire hose may range between 18 and 36 metres with a maximum diametre of 25 millimetre. All the water inlet supply pipes above the ground is to be made of galvanised piping as heat is one of the component of fire and can have an adverse effect and may melt should it be made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes.

These equipments may be mounted between 1.5 and 2.4 metres on the wall and painted red which indicates apart from the fire fighting it cannot be used for any other purpose.

A properly designed fire hose can reach flames from a safe distance using pressurised water. The amount of water can quickly put dangerous flames under control and also help to create a barrier preventing the spread of the fire.

I have noted that many buildings that the above surface water inlet pipes are made of PVC here in Fiji.

This is done because working with PVC pipes are easier and quicker thus ignoring the National Building Code standards and placing the people at a very high risk.

The Suva market is one such location and must be corrected.

The relevant authorities must audit such equipment when conducting the annual inspection at the work places with the view to renew their business licence.

This proactive approach will ensure safety of all in the building and nearby vicinity.



Festive caution

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


As we now approach the festive season with Christmas parties and end of the year break-ups, we must remain cautious of potential mishaps and accidents that can occur. Year after year we approach this season with all enthusiasm just to find out that some of us never reach the New Year.

Too often we hear about children drowning while out with their friends for a holiday swim in the river or creeks.

There are deaths from road accidents resulting from drink and drive or drunk pedestrian.  Some die from injuries resulting from brawls triggered by alcohol intoxication.

There are cases of rapes of victims who had their drinks spiked or were just too drunk to make rational decisions.

Then there are those who are invaded by intruders in the comfort of their own homes and lose their wealth and sometimes their lives.

Let us take precaution in the next two months and stay alert not only for ourselves but also for all our loved ones. Let us ensure that we do everything right to reach Christmas, New Year and beyond.

Let us donate generously to those who are unfortunate and pray for the quick recovery of those who suffered and lost so much from Tropical  Cyclone Winston.

May we all enjoy this festive season in peace and stay safe.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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