TGIM- Thank God It’s MONDAY-Making Mondays Motivating And Not Mundane!

Whether a student, in school or college, or an employee of an organization – the perception or rather attitude of many of us towards a ‘MONDAY-MORNING’ is similar. It is
12 Nov 2016 11:11
TGIM- Thank God It’s MONDAY-Making Mondays Motivating And Not Mundane!

Whether a student, in school or college, or an employee of an organization – the perception or rather attitude of many of us towards a ‘MONDAY-MORNING’ is similar. It is like: “Oh God! It’s Monday again”.

Given a choice, a student would love to extend his or her sleep and laze on the bed and the same if not similar thing would be with even a professional working even at the highest post.

This is most fundamentally because of the two days of personal time that we got for ourselves due to the holidays, the Saturday and the Sunday which have been given to us.

Of course there are also those organisations which have only Sundays as a Holiday with six working days for us.

But why this slight or at times a strong reluctance to attend school or office on a day just after the holiday?

Well friends, it must be noted that typically a ‘holiday’ is more of a ‘HAPPY-DAY’.

Yessss! Just try and remember the evening of a Friday!!!.

it is that day when there is a much higher level of energy and excitement in the attitudes of a student or an employee. Have we not heard of the acronym, TGIF (Thank God Its Friday).

Why have we never heard of TGIM- Thank God It’s Monday.

The point I am truly trying to make is that, especially in professional spheres of life, it is extremely important to have the same levels of MOTIVATION and ENTHUSIASM.

This should be towards our specific and general work as it could be on a Wednesday, Thursday and surely on a Friday!

I am of the belief that each day of the week is a great opportunity to try something new, explore something new, learn something, innovate and create something new and implement something new too.

And if this is the attitude then why not have the same attitude even on a Monday.

Why not convert a mundane or a regular Monday into a highly Motivated Monday for us.

There are a few things we can do to make the Monday one of the best days of the week and a day that we excitedly look forward to more than even a Friday!

To begin with; a Monday…being the first day of the week must also be the day that we Make a PLAN.

And we make this plan not on Monday but on the day before which is Sunday.

After your dinner and before you sleep, please try and create a window of ten minutes to get a pen and a writing pad and some privacy.

Then, begin to think about what are the three most important things you will be executing in the coming week.

And along with it also try to note the one or two important things that you plan to execute on the Monday!

Even if these thoughts or plans seem raw and slightly difficult to implement still make the effort to write it down.

The process of noting your thoughts or plans for the week ahead will automatically generate extremely high levels of energy and excitement beginning from the morning of Monday.

The next thing you can do is to think of one thing that you would like to do or execute that you normally would but this time you would execute it in a totally different manner.

In a way what I may be referring to is to try and bring a change or modification in the pattern of your work.

If meeting your team for a follow up or basic interaction was normally the first thing you do on a Monday morning, then intentionally try to change it.

Probably make that as a second activity as long as it does not negatively affect your productivity.

Remember we all must that the moment things get MONOTONOUS’ life begins to get boring and that also may lead towards the lessening of professional as well as personal productivity.

Hence, bring a change in the pattern or the typical sequence of your daily activities especially on a Monday, at least give it a try.


Make a Monday the day of ‘NEW LEARNING’.

Being the first day of the working week, try to see if you can also make your Monday a day where you can learn something new.

This can be especially related to your work or even related to your Personality and Leadership development.

You can do this by taking an added or extra initiative to interact with your seniors, ask specific questions or seek clarifications to your doubts and even learning something new through the internet.

Try to make the Monday a day of NEW LEARNING and you shall feel an added boost of excitement getting awakened from within.


Awaken the Deep PASSION

I surely would like to emphatically say to all that he or she who has a high and deep level of PASSION towards his or her work.

More importantly towards his or her GOALS and VISIONS will almost never feel the ‘typical Monday morning Blues’.

In one of the my interactions with Ram Bajekal (Managing director of FMF Foods) I was truly inspired by what he shared with me and all the other participants.

He told us all: “Every morning as I wake up and am getting ready to go to office I passionately think of what new and more excitingly positive and productive things I can do today. I think like this on each of my working day that not only includes the Monday but at times even a Saturday or Sunday too.”

From what Ram shared with us in that Leadership and Motivation Seminar, this is what I too realized.

This was if there are tremendous Passion and deep Determination for setting and achieving goals in professional as well personal life then there will be no chance for our attitudes to get even slightly DE-motivated or punctured on a Monday morning.

I share all this with you because I have come across people who have actually wasted their first half of a Monday just because of DE-motivation.

Even their presentations on a Monday have been less impacting compared to when they would make the same on a Friday afternoon and my question is ‘WHY THE DIFFERENCE IN ATTITUDE & MOTIVATION”

For me, as a Corporate trainer, just imagine if I were to be less motivated while conducting a training on a Monday compared to the way I would do a training on a Friday.

By me doing this will it not affect the effectiveness of the trainings and thereby the effectiveness upon the participants.

Probably the participants on Friday would end up getting more impacted than on Monday. This should never happen and I as a trainer would never ever let it happen.



Dear readers, whether it is me or you, our levels of excellence and productivity must be the highest from the time the week begins till it ends and I am sure that will happen for sure.

I am sure that we all will try our best to create a new acronym, TGIM- Thank God Its Monday!!!

Happy Motivated Monday to all of you!!
Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:

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