Letters To The Editor, 13th November, 2016

Oceania 7s Ronnie Chang, Nadi It was remarkably and evidently clear from the sparsely-filled pavilion and embankments, the host city Suva was not in a position to proudly support this
13 Nov 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 13th November, 2016
Letters To the Editor

Oceania 7s

Ronnie Chang,


It was remarkably and evidently clear from the sparsely-filled pavilion and embankments, the host city Suva was not in a position to proudly support this historical two-day sporting extravaganza.

This extremely poor support is indicative of many unexplained reasons and I must sympathise with all the hardworking organisers.

Allow me to throw in my two-cents should the Oceania 7s be contemplated in 2017.

Suva-based tertiary, secondary and primary students could be enticed to show some valuable support in terms of eye-feasting crowd numeracy.

First 2000 university students, with ID purchase discounted tickets for $3 a day.

First 2000 secondary school students, in uniform, pay $2 a day.

First 2000 primary school students, in uniform, pay $1 a day.

Accompanying parents pay $4 each a day.

Could this work?

Such rebated tickets should be made available only on pre-arranged basis.

Food for thought for possible future reference subject to approval by organisers and the Fiji Rugby Union.


Meaningful celebrations

Professor Vijay Naidu,


The recognition being given to the 100 years since the arrival of the last Indentured Labour ship, the ‘Sutlej’ from India by Government is praiseworthy.

The ‘Girmit’ itself did not end until 1920. With penal sanctions for labour offences, many indenture contracts were extended.

In 1916, according to the Fiji Royal Gazette, 91.95 per cent of those Indian immigrants prosecuted for labour offences were convicted (see Violence of Indenture in Fiji by Naidu, 2004, p.57).

The indenture labour system with its components of the contract or ‘girmit’- recruitment, shipment, quarantine, plantation labour, living conditions, earnings and consequences both positive and negative are well described in publications by Gillion, Lal, Mishra, Nandan, Narsey, Prasad,  Subramani and Tinker among others.

Professor Brij Lal is the most eminent historian of Fiji’s Indentured Labour, and it is an irony that he and his wife remain persona-non-grata in this country.

For me, our Centennial Celebration of the arrival of the last Indian Indentured labour system ship will be more meaningful if the ban on them is lifted.


Climate change question

Floyd Robinson,


While international and national discussions on Climate Change impacts continue to attract much attention, it appears that we may accidently forget one important stakeholder who visits around this time of the year.

In what way does Climate Change affect the famous Father Christmas who often comes from the North Pole with gifts for children?

If ice is melting in the North Pole, as per scientific evidence, is his well-being at risk?

Will he be bringing climate resilient toys and gifts for Christmas this year?

Well one hopes that he finds a Mother Christmas otherwise he must feel quite lonely.

All in all, somehow even in the face of Climate Change, Father Christmas manages to appear in time for Christmas.


Flood dreams

Joji Toronibau,


While reading many letters about Natadradave (Flood Dreams), in Dawasamu and its tremendous ‘healing power’, I did sit back and said to myself: “Isa, had we known it that day, time and the hour, we would have bathed with wisdom and belief to assist us especially in our exams and be athletic and be more energetic for the many rugby seasons”.

Hiking away from school was a norm, especially to feel the terrace of Northland Tarumba and forage for guava, baked cassava, etcetera to complement what had to be a midnight feast for us who are lean, meek, and small in stature compared to the giants of the senior citizens of Vulinitu.

Now, ‘flood dreams’ is marketable to all Fijians now.

My wife and her other sisters have completed the cycle of visiting this miraculous water source this week. Thank you flood dreams.


Year of the underdogs

Wise Muavono,


2016 has been an ‘annus mirabilis’ (latin for wonderful year) for team sports, and dubbed year of the underdogs.

From soccer, rugby league, baseball and rugby union, major upsets have taken place.

I hope the trend continues with our Vodafone Flying Fijians.

Go Fiji, go!

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