Letters To The Editor, 17th, November, 2016

World Rugby awards Epeli Rabua, Suva Why should we question World Rugby’s decision not to award the World’s greatest 7s team, its captain and coach – the Fiji 7s team,
17 Nov 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 17th, November, 2016

World Rugby awards

Epeli Rabua,


Why should we question World Rugby’s decision not to award the World’s greatest 7s team, its captain and coach – the Fiji 7s team, Osea Kolinisau and Ratu Peni Raiyani (Ben Ryan) respectively?

Just like we humbled ourselves when we redeemed the gold medal amidst Christ’s presence in Rio, we should take the decision with humility.

The world will never forget Fiji’s greatest victory and whatever the rugby powers may do to shun Fiji’s gallant 7s rugby.

We as a rugby nation will continue to push the envelope, so to speak, in 7s rugby.

And we will continue to lead the great tier 1 rugby nations in this most exciting shortened version of the 15s rugby game.

We know for a fact that the ultimate goal for an athlete is an Olympic medal. A bronze or silver is a bonus, a gold the ultimate glory – for you have challenged the best the world has to offer – physically, mentally, financially – and came out victorious!

Ordinary rugby players and coaches win world titles. Extraordinary rugby players and coaches win Olympic Gold medals!



Flying Fijians

Wise Muavono,


Dear Lord, if for some unknown miracle the Flying Fijians beat the Red Roses this weekend, I promise to refrain from using profanities for the rest of the year even though it will seriously affect my vocabulary. Amen.



See the bigger picture

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


The World Rugby awards have been given and there is nothing we can do to change that. It was totally our fault.

We shouldn’t have walloped and humiliated the home of World Rugby that hard at Rio in front of the whole world. What do we expect?

Although most of us are disappointed with the results, we must not allow it to cloud our view from seeing the bigger picture.

Now is not the time to protest against World Rugby. It is a time to work with them and get their support to back Ben Ryan’s proposal.

While we all thought that Ratu Peni had left us, he in fact had been working hard silently behind the scene in a proposal that may lay the foundation blocks to take Fiji Rugby and the whole Pacific Rugby to the pinnacles of world rugby in both sevens and fifteens.

He is truly a man ahead of his time. He has scrutinised and analysed the delicate core of the problems we have faced for almost a century and is putting together a mega proposal to Super Rugby that may change the structures of world rugby forever.

We cannot afford to spoil this vital work he is doing just because we were snubbed at the world rugby awards night.

If Ratu Peni’s proposal goes through, hundreds of millions of dollars will be pumped into Pacific and Fiji Rugby annually and we will no longer collect “bread crumbs” under Tier One nations’ tables.

This is bigger than any award World Rugby can ever give us including the three we missed out combined.

Vinaka vakalevu Ratu Peni Rayani Latianara.



Fits awareness

Samuela Rareba,


I was walking from the Suva Bus Station and into the market yesterday when all of a sudden an old man had fits.

Not long everyone was surrounding him and trying to provide assistance vocally from the background.

At first I heard someone yell out to massage the back of his neck slowly, then another one yelled out to randomly punch the man in the back, another said to squeeze the thighs while another said to lie him on his side to kick his chest, and my goodness all this was attempted on this poor man, who was slowly recovering again from his short illness.

Just going through this ordeal, I was wondering if there is any way Government can help educate the public on how to handle such situations because with all this kind of attempts, we might as well kill the poor old man.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


Five Square diwali dhamaka 2021

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