The ‘SAT’ Technique For Self Improvement And Productivity

Sonam was an outstanding employee in her organisation and her performance was getting better each month. This she totally attributed to her boss, Mr Jonetani. His constant guidance to her
03 Dec 2016 11:00
The ‘SAT’ Technique For Self Improvement And Productivity

Sonam was an outstanding employee in her organisation and her performance was getting better each month.

This she totally attributed to her boss, Mr Jonetani.

His constant guidance to her and his regular criticism, positive as well as negative, was helping her a lot to develop herself.

Just after seven months, in one of the review meetings, Sonam was handed a letter and when she opened it she was in for a surprise.

The senior management had decided to offer her a promotion.

This promotion actually was in a very short time but it was completely due to her accelerated progress.

She was extremely elated and happy and publicly thanked her boss Jonetani for it.

This promotion also required her to relocate to another town, Lautoka and she was given the responsibility of acquiring more clients and more revenue.

After about three months, in the review meeting various branches had to present their sales revenues.

And to the astonishment of the others and especially her earlier boss, Jonetani, the performance of Sonam was seen and identified as below average.

It was highly unexpected and that afternoon there was another meeting held where Sonam was called to meet and discuss about her performance.

In this meeting Jonetani was also invited along with her new boss. All the three of them discussed the reasons for the lackluster and most unimpressive performance.

After the meeting Jonetani called Sonam to his cabin.

It was just the two of them.

“Sonam! How did this happen?

This much fall in your performance!

Against the backdrop of your super performances prior to your promotion this one has been extremely low and especially for me it has been almost shocking.

What really happened?”

Sonam herself was disappointed and became all the more dejected as she heard Jonetani ask her the question and yet she did respond.

“Sir, if you want to really know the truth my present and new boss is very unlike you.

While you were my boss, you would guide me and share your observations about my work constantly.

In fact every day for ten minutes you would have all of us meet you in your cabin and then you would listen to us and subsequently share with us your inputs and feedback accordingly.

All this has changed Sir and it has affected me a lot.

“I do not get any feedback from my present Boss and even the review meetings are only reviews but no assessments and feedback at all.”

As Jonetani heard all of this he became a bit serious.

“There is something that I have to say to you Sonam.

What I’m perceiving through all this is that, you have become completely ‘Dependent’ on external feedback and guidance.

I know that it is extremely good to get that from the others especially from your boss but then you must remember that such kind of dependency will only weaken you and your performance.

That is exactly what has happened.

Sonam, you cannot choose a boss and the way he helps and guides you and therefore it becomes highly important that you learn to become your own GUIDE.

There is also another important thing that you must learn.


You must develop the attitude of SELF- IMPROVEMENT through SELF-OBSERVATION.

At least once in a day and more effectively every evening after your work it is important that you sit and evaluate your Day’s work rather than waiting for your boss to call you and do the same.

Like I said Sonam, your performance must not fluctuate based upon the external guidance from your boss or other seniors.

If it comes from them then happily take those inputs and make the best of it but do not ever let the absence of it affect you anymore.”

As Sonam was attentively listening Mr Jonetani continued to explain.

“Self- improvement through the process of observing your own actions and simultaneously giving yourself an honest feedback is an extremely useful.

It is as well as a powerful tool for enhancing not only your professional growth but also your personal development .

Apart from this there is one more positive activity which you can and must do.

It is a weekly activity which means that this activity has to be done only once a week on any fixed day.

The time of doing this activity can be according to your convenience!


This activity is called the ‘SAT’;





The S-A-T mainly is the most simple and yet a fluent way of Self-Improvement.

The first step is for the professional to identify the various ‘Scenarios’ or situations where he or she had performed or was expected to perform.

He must not just identify these scenarios but must mentally visualize or more importantly also write them down in his diary.

Once this is done the next step is to spend quality and specific time in Assessing and analyzing each scenario in terms his performance or the lack of it.

For example, if the scenario was meeting a client and that took a very big and potential client, the assessment would be how effective were you in being able to do the Sales presentation.

And whether your communication and negotiation on price was as per the expectation; above the expectation or below the expectation!

This assessment then leads to the final aspect which is known as Transformation.

Transformation really means the attitude towards wanting to bring a Positive Change towards there for bringing higher effectiveness in the future scenarios.

This is something you must activate for yourself Sonam.

By doing the SAT, your over-dependency on feedback and guidance from others and especially your boss will reduce.

You will become not only more independent but also your self-confidence and self-belief will grow immensely which will surely and positively affect your Overall Productivity.

Of course, you must always seek guidance from your boss and not ignore it; just don’t ignore your own assessments.

Dear Sonam, I’m sure that you will try and absorb this input from me and surely improve your performance exponentially in the future!

Dear friends, in today’s world the corporate professional must be someone who does not only depend upon his or her senior or team leader to help or guide him to grow in his career.

What is most required for professional growth and career development is not helpless dependability upon the seniors for guidance but more impetus and efforts upon the process of SELF-Improvement through the SAT!

There have been umpteen instances where a young professional has accelerated his growth in the organisation because of the positive and proactive guidance from his seniors.

At the same individual has seen his own productivity and performance drop continuously only because of the sudden dip and decrease in the guidance that he used to get from those seniors.

This flip-flop in performance due to the guidance and then due to the sudden absence of it is something that must change.

Support and guidance is always to be welcomed.

But then, simultaneously what will be immensely beneficial is the SAT, identifying the Scenarios, Assessments and Transormations.


Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:



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