InstaCharge Creator Responds

InstaCharge App have hit back at media organisations who have miscommunicated the pre-product launch attended by Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama on November 25 InstaCharge App refute claims of misleading
06 Dec 2016 16:10
InstaCharge Creator Responds
Instacharge App

InstaCharge App have hit back at media organisations who have miscommunicated the pre-product launch attended by Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama on November 25 InstaCharge App refute claims of misleading journalists regarding Fijian Government Investment!!!

In a statement: “We are absolutely bamboozled at certain media channels that have wrongfully reported claims that an investment partnership between InstaCharge App and the Fijian Government has taken place.

“There is definitely no investment or joint venture between InstaCharge App and Government as reported.

“Fiji was chosen by InstaCharge App as the preferred destination for the official pre product launch for a number of undeniable reasons.

“It is home to one of the major InstaCharge App principles, one of the most beautiful places in the world, considered a hub of the Pacific as reiterated by Mr Bainimarama, manageable number of mobile network subscribers to launch and the dream of creating history in Fiji as its first ever announcement of a revolutionary game changing technology trend to the world.

“Fiji will also serve as global HQ for InstaCharge App where more than 50 local Fijians will be employed.

Other destinations were seriously considered but none stacked up when the above points were raised.

“We were truly honoured to have our pre product officially launched by the Fijian Prime Minister our only regret is that he has been subject to these fabricated and malicious allegations which in our opinion are a direct insult toward the Fijian Government and more importantly the people of Fiji.

“We sincerely hope that this does not deter other global companies hosting their launch in this wonderful country where some Fijian journalists should feel ashamed at the scandalous comments or even question the intellect of their government parting with tax payer’s money when it simply is not true.

“One fact is correct. A multibillion venture was announced however it referred to existing signed territory agreements that are privy only to those within the said agreements.

“There has been widespread speculation and scepticism as to the legitimacy of the InstaCharge App.

“This will always be the case when something new enters the global technology industry, InstaCharge App is no different.

“Douglas A. Stewart’s creation has caused global intrigue to those who claim to be technical experts, doubt and impossibility has been frequently mentioned yet none have produced any substantial evidence as to why it does not work.

“Global experts have coined the phrases fundamentally flawed, impossible or not viable. InstaCharge App faces the same critics and scepticism that Carnot the father of Thermodynamics faced when he presented his theory.

“InstaCharge App has sparked comments by tech experts globally regarding its function-ability, formula or process where the pursuit of technology by man and woman has always questioned the validity of inventions and creations.

“We applaud their interest, their comments and their scepticism it has been at the forefront of most great creations we live with today…. it keeps us honest” claims InstaCharge App.

“Creations such as the light bulb, aeroplane, photo copier, computer, internet and not forgetting some of the greatest scientists that are taught to our children today regarding their magnificent achievements and contributions to mankind have all faced the same scepticism and ridicule that has been targeted toward InstaCharge App.

“Why? Because it’s our natural instinct as human beings in the pursuit of knowledge, we simply do not believe what we cannot see or touch.

“It is our priority to deliver InstaCharge App in its working form. The four years of tireless study and experiments has finally arrived.

“The creation and collaboration of some great minds that are privileged to unveil InstaCharge App to the world.

“The great minds and experts that have cast doubt over InstaCharge App only know too well that we simply cannot reveal indepth details of how InstaCharge App works. This is confidential and sensitive intellectual property.

“We completely understand that in time our process will be copied like every other technological game changer that exists today. What is important to us is to provide the public who have the need to utilise the InstaCharge App and don’t care about how it works as long as it works.

“The experts will just need to dig deeper, do a bit of hard work to appease their own intellect that’s why they are great minds in their respective field. It’s fair to say that if they knew the process they would be launching it themselves.



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