Is the VKB Reliable?

How reliable is the Vola Ni Kawa Bula (VKB)? This is a question that lingers in the minds of many iTaukeis’ today. There have been iTaukei who over the years
08 Dec 2016 11:00
Is the VKB  Reliable?

How reliable is the Vola Ni Kawa Bula (VKB)? This is a question that lingers in the minds of many iTaukeis’ today.

There have been iTaukei who over the years have publicly voiced their grievances over what is recorded in the VKB while for many they have opted to stay silent and accept whatever that has been recorded- right or wrong does not matter to them anymore.

The other day, the iTaukei Lands and Fisheries Commission appeared before the Standing Committee on Natural Resources in Parliament.

In their presentation, Commission chairman Ratu Vananalagi Vesikula stated that they have received suggestions from the iTaukei community that a more respectable and appropriate term to replace the word ‘bastard’ in the VKB.

Ratu Vananalagi said people have found the use of the word as offensive. Every illegitimate child that is registered in the VKB has the letter (B) written next to his/her name.

The word ‘bastard’ in the VKB was put down by our Colonial rulers and it simply means ‘a person born of parents not married to each other’. So what is offensive about that?

In actual fact, it is a statement of truth. No matter whatever word we may use to make it sound right or make things look nice- the truth of the matter is that he or she is still an illegitimate child.

No one can deny that. We’ve got to face the truth and accept it.

Again, was it really important for the Commission to bring this issue up to the Standing Committee?

This is because there are other major issues surrounding the flaws in the VKB that needs to be looked at or even be addressed.

Most of these flaws are somewhat “politically” motivated and over the decades have created uncertainty, confusion and division among the iTaukei community.

The issues that should have been brought up to the Standing Committee are:


  • Chiefly disputes which also trickles down to the position of Turaga Ni Yavusa and Mataqali, in which for some districts have remained vacant for years.
  • Certain mataqali’s, whose members are still alive today, but somehow have been deregistered from the VKB. To be deregistered means that none of the Mataqali members are alive. So if some members are still alive then how come the mataqali has been deregistered?
  • Land claims based on boundary disputes.

All these issues are nothing new to the Commission.

Most of the complaints they have received are based on the above cases.

These are more important issues for the Commission to present to the Standing Committee who can deliberate on rather than to find a term to replace the word ‘bastard’.

This is a moment of truth. The Commission needs to take the bull by its horns and rectify the ‘wrongs’ on the VKB for the sake of unity and prosperity of the iTaukei community.



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