Letters To The Editor 8th, December, 2016

Fatigue and burnout Sushil K Sharma, Lautoka Fatigue and burnout is normal in sports and once the Fiji team accomplished what it had set out to do in Rio, and
08 Dec 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor  8th, December, 2016

Fatigue and burnout

Sushil K Sharma,


Fatigue and burnout is normal in sports and once the Fiji team accomplished what it had set out to do in Rio, and received the Gold Olympics medal, they should have been given a long rest to think, recuperate and rejoice.

I feel that it is hard to rejuvenate that same thirst and fighting spirit, when one has reached the climax, and in need to rest and recuperate and let the body chill out from all that rigorous discipline that it had to endure for quite a long time.

Such being the case, I would urge our supporters to look with ease at our heroes, who are humans and have just returned from the apex of global success, that all other teams can just dream about for the next four years.

Fiji has been there and done it, and no one can take that away from them – not even South Africa – who have to wait for another four years to show case to the global audience their talents on the Olympic world stage, where once again our boys will be there in full form and the usual island spirit, taking on the mighty nations despite meager resources, lack of technology, lack of huge million dollar salary, and coming from a small nation in the South Seas, whose imprint on the global geographical maps are a mere dot in the Ocean.

Let us give a boys credit for all that they have done, and not push the envelope more than required.

They definitely have the talent and will deliver, when required – but let them recover from the euphoria of success that they have just achieved – putting a smile with pride and satisfaction – on all of us, from young and old alike, and from where ever we come from in Fiji.


Fashion show

Wise Muavono,


Seeing photos of the latest local fashion show being circulated on social media, I had to ask myself, “Are the organisers selling sex, a brand, or are those the same thing now ?”

My eyes are now traumatised.



Recruit Banuve Tabakaucoro and Jarryd Hayne

Ratu Tubu Uluiviti


After watching Fiji’s loss to South Africa in Dubai, I humbly request the Fiji Rugby Union and its President to quickly recruit Banuve Tabakaucoro and Jarryd Hayne into the Fiji Seven’s squad.

They are to match South Africa’s kick and chase technique used by their fast runners.

And please be reminded that, this team was, is and will always be Fiji’s main threat in this new year’s international 7’s tournaments.

After all, in their last five encounters last year, South Africa won three to Fiji’s two.

Grind and refine these two Fijians in our systems and see how fast they will ‘gel ‘ well with the rest, to produce our International Seven’s Tournament Gem.

As clearly stated by Neil Powell: “We have an idea of how to best contain them and we have to keep it structured…”

Go Fiji go.


Enabling Churchill Park


Niko Rayawa,


I took time to have a peek at the almost completed stadium with its tracks. The embankment end looks beautiful with grass all over it.

As I walked towards the hospital end, I noticed that the tracks was too close to the fence and likewise the road. Why don’t we close that portion of the road so as to allow the extension and perhaps a pavilion?

The residential lots nearby could use the other street as an access. Cathay Hotels back gate and the dental clinic shouldn’t be affected by this closure. Let’s make it different.



Carelessness main

cause of  fires

Chandra Prakash Singh,


In a small country like Fiji with an informative social media, strong advocacy programmes, regular precautionary advice and high literacy rate there should not be any excuse of home fires.

In every home there are educated people from children, parents and immediate family members, therefore education and information sharing is an effective method to prevent any mishaps in a family.

Fires, through carelessness and revenge, have resulted in complete destruction of homes, household goods and caused deaths in this country.

Those could have been easily avoided if parents, elders and also children took extra precautions, checked risk areas before leaving homes or sleeping, double checked electrical switches, extinguished mosquito coils, candles, kerosene lamps and stoves.

Electrical faults have also caused fires and it is utmost important to engage qualified electricians to undertake electrical work for safety purpose.

Another preventative method you need to adopt is never overload a power point  area instead spread it out to other connections so that it does not put extra pressure in one area resulting in fires.



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