Letters To The Editor , 12th December 2016

Who made them God? Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori We expect different views in regard to the Amnesty International report on Fiji. But it is about time we hold the bull by
11 Dec 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor , 12th December 2016
Letters To the Editor

Who made them God?

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

We expect different views in regard to the Amnesty International report on Fiji.

But it is about time we hold the bull by the horn or call a spade a spade. This is no longer an issue we can beat around the bush about.

The legal punishment for crimes widely ranges from country to country and there is no international benchmark to justify which one is right or which one is wrong. In Malaysia, just a few “joints” of Marijuana can get you hanged. Lethal injection is currently used to kill criminals in some states in the USA. Even just a few decades ago, we were hanging criminals right here at Korovou Prison in Suva. So let us not pretend to be God and state that we have no right to do this or no right to do that.

Even Jesus Christ in Matthew 26:52 told Peter that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. Of course we do not expect a girl who has been raped, an elderly man whose house has been bugled or a citizen who has been violently robbed to enforce these punishments Jesus talked about.

It is just unfortunate that in some of these cases, Police officers and military personnel have become God’s hand in fulfilling his words.

This does not mean that there is no truth in all the accusations against the security forces. There are some cases that individuals from Police and military are truly at fault, but not all. Some of the names listed by Amnesty International are well known criminals and have dozens of previous convictions.

To put balance into the whole issue, I fully support Korina Waibuta’s call for the nation to be told the whole truth about people named in the Amnesty International Report. Publish all their previous convictions and their victims and detailed information of their various crimes. Let us not hide the horrific deeds of some of these men and pretend they are all normal law abiding citizens.

On an equally vital note, Amnesty International has been widely criticised the world over by various organisations and governments for their biased reporting and corruption. Just search “Biases of Amnesty International” on any internet search engine and you get hundreds of links detailing various examples of their biases.

Who made them God?




Sukha Singh, Labasa

Can FICAC explain why it does not investigate misuse of school funds?


All the best boys!

Herleen Emily Kumar, Nadi

As the Cape Town Sevens, the atmosphere of the 7s here is becoming hyped-up. With Fiji’s win in Rio, no doubt that people’s expectations here and around the globe are high.

Fiji’s loss in the Dubai 7s against South Africans will not deter the Fijian fans around the world to keep supporting Fiji. No doubt, Fiji is put in a tough pool and tougher competitions ahead, however, with the grace of the Almighty, I believe we’ll be able to pull this off easily. All the best boys. Bring glory back to Fiji.


Over consumption

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Much eating and merry making is anticipated over the festive season.

One can only imagine dishes and the  salt and sugar.

From drinks, to food to deserts, all have inclusions of salt and sugar. Whatever our views, just watch that consumption come end of January. Evidence will appear.

We love our food but must realise that over consumption also takes its toll physically, especially once the partying has stopped.



Cape Town 7s

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Surrey, BC, Canada

Is it only me or are there others out there feeling confident and happy that our Vodafone Fijian 7s team will win the Cape Town title convincingly in front of the South African home crowd?

Knowing the Fijian team strength and mentality, if there is a team they are dying to meet in Cape Town, it would be the home side, South Africa.

Having studied the replay of the Dubai final, the boys must be working on their defense, maintaining ball control, among others.

The boys will want to wallop the Blitzboks with a big branch of a coconut tree, just to show them that they can defeat them on their own turf.

I am feeling on top of the world also because brother Joseph Naidu, who lives in Sacramento, California, informed me that he watches the HSBC 7s through the VIP box website, while Aisake Donu, who is heading home to Nakelo on Monday, suggested the GRIC free website.

Now the stage is set, we are all feeling high and expecting our boys to go out there, have fun, do what they do best by showing the world Fijian 7s at its best.

Go Fiji, go.

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