Letters To The Editor , 14th December 2016 & Letter Of The Week Winner

Letter of the week winner: Enabling Churchill Park extension I took time to have a peek at the almost completed stadium with its tracks. The embankment end looks beautiful with
14 Dec 2016 16:05
Letters To The Editor , 14th December 2016 & Letter Of The Week Winner

Letter of the week winner:

Enabling Churchill Park extension
I took time to have a peek at the almost completed stadium with its tracks. The embankment end looks beautiful with grass all over it.
As I walked towards the hospital end, I noticed that the tracks was too close to the fence and likewise the road. Why don’t we close that portion of the road so as to allow the extension and perhaps a pavilion?
The residential lots nearby could use the other street as an access. Cathay Hotels back gate and the dental clinic shouldn’t be affected by this closure. Let’s make it different.
Niko Rayawa

Letter of the Week winner, Niko Rayawa, will receive a Parker pen from the Fiji Sun.



7s players

Samuela Kailawadoko ,


While we all may want to pontificate, praise, organise, criticise and participate, I applaud the years of service to Fiji rugby sevens by some of our old heros in the current squad.

However, the first two games in the IRB sevens circuit has shown some sign of fatigue, errors, frustration and lapses in their defence.

The new boys are gelling well; they just need more game time in the series.

Overall, the team did not do too badly, because they are still in for the race in the IRB series.

Moving forward; with the presence of the new coach we should be well prepared for Wellington.

Merry Christmas to the team and all the fans.


Respect the coach

Manoa Kaleca,


Watching the Dubai and the Cape Town 7’s games one could easily noticed the lack of respect given to the interim coach Nacanieli Cawanibuka by some of the more senior players.

There is only one coach and what he says should be taken very seriously.

Our players should adhere and respect what the interim coach says just like they did when Ben Ryan was coach.

When the coach comes in during the half-time break, he is there to make his points across to the players from what he has observed.

He is there to assist and help the players stay focused on the task at hand.

When we have the coach say one thing and some other players say another than what we will have is confusion on the field and the results usually speaks for itself.

Respect the coach, respect each other and respect that jersey you are wearing boys.  Thanks for the game.


Beauty of 7s rugby

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,

Surrey, BC, Canada

The beauty of 7s Rugby is that anything can happen in 14 minutes and its excitement and popularity is gaining more followers around the globe.

The Cape Town Sevens was just electric with all the different colours and costumes worn by spectators and the massive support for the South African team on home ground.

On day two, while we kept our fingers crossed for Fiji to reach the final; from the performance of all the eight teams in the Cup quarter finals, we would all agree that the Blitzbokke would retain the Cape Town title.

Our boys started well in their quarter final game with England, but when captain Osea Kolinisau reminded the boys at half time not to show the opposition that they are tired, I had the feeling that an upset was coming up.

It did come and that is part of the beauty of the sevens game.

When it came to the Cup final, I believe all Fijians were cheering for England to win and win they did, again adding to the excitement and heart pounding beauty of sevens rugby.

The home crowd became silent when the final conversion to tie the game up at full time missed and how we wished that it was Fiji in the final.

Right now, the Vodafone Fiji Sevens team are at third place in the current 2016/17 HSBC World Sevens Series with 32 points, England is second with 39 and South Africa leads with 41 points.

Seriously, after the first two tournaments and the beauty of the sevens game aside; we should really do some soul searching why our game and performance level seems to have dropped.

Does a change in coach for Fiji means a change in their fitness protocol and getting rid of the diet that Ben Ryan put our Sevens Olympians on.

Whatever it is, I guess the Ben Ryan protocol is a proven system and it would be wise to keep following it and improve on what has worked for the 7s team.

From the perspective of a die hard Fiji s fan, the beauty of sevens rugby becomes more beautiful when the Vodafone Fiji Sevens team are on the top as number one.

Go Fiji go.


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