Letters To The Editor 19th December 2016

Old Rewa Bridge Makeover Ronnie Chang, Nadi Subject to all Occupational Health and Safety requirements, and legalities being met, here’s my five cents worth contribution to a possibility to “bring
19 Dec 2016 11:00
Letters To The Editor 19th December 2016
Letters To the Editor

Old Rewa Bridge Makeover

Ronnie Chang, Nadi

Subject to all Occupational Health and Safety requirements, and legalities being met, here’s my five cents worth contribution to a possibility to “bring back to life” this landmark from the good old yesteryears.

Under professional hands-on supervision from our agricultural and horticultural specialists the now retired Rewa Bridge could be turned into a money-making project for women (and men) from the Rewa delta.

Suitable appropriate shaded cloth could cover the bridge in required sections.

High value flowers and vegetables could be grown on a commercial basis. These should be marketed to all higher end Suva resorts; hotels and restaurants as an ongoing commercial project.



Cyclone Preparation

Manoa Kaleca, Nailuva

Cyclone season has come upon us once again and I believe that we as a nation have not prepared well enough to face it.

My heart goes out to those people in villages and communities that are still living in make shift tents or are living with their relatives.

It does not take a whole year to prepare for these kinds of calamities.

Those hardware stores that has gained from the Help for Homes initiative but have failed to deliver must be taken to task.

These people’s lives are at stake and they cannot prepare well enough when these weather patterns strike.

So far, I have read and heard on the news about children drowning, houses destroyed by mudslides, roads under water and many others news.

This saddens me knowing that these can be prevented if we as a nation take the necessary precautions to avoid these things.

I believe that 2017 should be a year for us to change these old mindsets and readjust our priorities.


Meaning Of Holidays

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Whilst the December holiday means festivities for most, for some it has a slightly different meaning.

Speaking to a group of Fijian teachers departing Tuvalu for Fiji, most said that they were looking forward to having local dishes such as rourou, bele and ota.

One parent at the Post Shop in Suva said that she was buying her children stationery.

One parent told me that she grabbed her husband’s purse whilst he was knocked out after a heavy drinking party, to make sure that her children would have a good meal or else daddy would spend it on drinks like he does every Christmas.

Walking down the road the other day, one parent told me that he knew which children would send him some Christmas money and which ones would not.

For some doing finance officer’s work, it’s the craziest time of the year and the holidays will be over in a few days.

Whatever one’s views, don’t forget to take time off even if it means a few hours or days.



Ben Ryan

Sukha Singh, Labasa

After Ben Ryan left I thought he had just come over to make a name for himself. After his tweets we can see he has never left us.

If he was still working for Fiji Rugby Union he wouldn’t have been able to advise them like he did lately.

John O’Connor please note Ryan is an expert in rugby just like one John Barrot who used to come and fix the generators at Fiji Electricity Authority when our own engineers used to give up.



Fiji Rugby Union Response

Samuela Kailawadoko, Nadi

I am surprised at the tone in which the Fiji Rugby Union responded to Ben Ryan about the Fiji rugby sevens contract saga – I am sure Ben is just sharing his thoughts like anybody else.

You will find that by lashing out indiscriminately you can simultaneously dispel your fears and feel big at the expense of others.

You can even present an image of yourself to the world as a ruthless efficient person who doesn’t care a hang about others but get things done.

You can hide from others and from yourself behind this front and you will probably move ahead into positions of greater power in organisations where material returns count a lot.

The long range result is of course a diminishing of humanity in yourself and in the organisation in which you gain power.

Lets get it resolved amicably and move-on.

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