Letters To The Editor, 29th December 2016

New Year’s resolution Wise Muavono, Lautoka The end of the year signals the start of an age-old tradition; setting a New Year’s resolution that will likely prove unattainable. Many will
29 Dec 2016 16:22
Letters To The Editor, 29th December 2016
Letters to the Editor

New Year’s resolution

Wise Muavono,


The end of the year signals the start of an age-old tradition; setting a New Year’s resolution that will likely prove unattainable.

Many will be welcoming the New Year with familiar resolutions such as living healthier, saving more and in general improving one’s life. As we all vow to do a whole host of things, most of us will not follow through.

Some will fail to attain their New Year’s resolution while others will be giving up before the end of January. You should start with an enthusiastic commitment, but that “can do” attitude is quickly followed by waning interest.

Eventually you give up your goal and end up on a big fat guilt trip. Try looking at resolutions in a new light.

Instead of thinking about what’s wrong with you, imagine what it would like to be exactly the way you want and have exactly what you want.

But be careful because some New Year’s resolution tend to fizzle out faster than an old bottle of champagne.



Rubbish disposal

Chandra P Singh,


Everyone in Fiji must be aware that throwing rubbish anyhow and anywhere is a common occurrence and sight.

It is really not wrong in saying that “a little rubbish but in time it becomes a lot of rubbish and for a moment if regarded as no one’s problem yet it becomes everyone’s problem”.

Some irresponsible and un-patriotic people do not simply care and continue to drop litter as they wish and it turns into ugly sights.

We should not be called by anyone that Fiji is a country littered with rubbish instead strictly pays attention and Keep Fiji Beautiful.

When you hold anything referred as rubbish do give a second thought whether it has a proper place for disposal or it can be thrown wherever you wish.

It is your spontaneous positive thoughts and actions that can prevent anything happening rude, ill-mannered, offensive, irresponsible, improper, unwanted, disastrous and filthy.

When you see one person littering don’t do what you first saw but remind that person that we live in this country and should feel for this country.

While travelling in vehicles passengers should not throw any rubbish from moving vehicles.

In fact  people should keep handy  plastic bags and keep any  rubbish  inside it to be disposed off in rubbish bins at  home.

If a person throws one rubbish in a spot few others will follow and in just one day that place can become a dumping ground for rubbish.

You as the first one can prevent such a situation to arise.

A common sight noticeable are plastic bottles, cans, wrappers, pieces of paper, bottles, pieces of timber, sticks, cardboard boxes, shoes, umbrellas, tyres and  used vehicle parts thrown in drains, along footpaths, streets, roadsides, beaches, shorelines, rivers, sea, mangroves and behind buildings.

Many such items can be burnt, dumped properly, re-cycled and even minimised. It is not too difficult to put rubbish where it belongs and avoid letting them flow in rivers, creeks, sea or become an ugly sight on land.

By throwing rubbish in water it can cause a lot of damage to our environment, coral reefs, marine resources and become good breeding grounds for flies, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

Rubbish can also pile up in drains, rivers, culverts and cause flooding, soil erosion and damage surrounding arrears.

Fiji has a beautiful environment and by avoiding littering we can contribute in making our country look beautiful, clean and free from communicable diseases.

You might say that what I am communicating is repeating what other responsible people did before.

But have you shown any concrete sign to permanently prevent yourself and others from littering?

By placing rubbish in its rightful place is not too costly, time consuming, extra burden, stressful, painful and difficult instead it is an easiest task to perform without feeling tired.

Many concerned, responsible and law abiding citizens make so much effort to clean our environment so that Fiji is seen as  a clean and  friendly country.

If such people begin to throw rubbish in your compound and close to your home then you will simply feel uncomfortable seeing such a sight.

Don’t litter messages by respective authorities and media outlets will have no meaning unless as individuals you make a genuine effort not to pollute your surroundings with rubbish.

Cleanliness should be considered an essential part of your life whether it is your body, home, compound or any part of the country.




Second hand vehicles

Manoa Kaleca,


The influx of second hand vehicles imported into our country is becoming unreasonable and absurd.

Does anyone care about the impact these vehicles are having on our island paradise?

If we are being serious about global warming and climate change than I believe it is high time to bring a halt to this.

The carbon emissions produced from these vehicles will continue to pollute our nation and will in turn affect the health of our people.

When will the relevant stakeholders learn to say ‘enough is enough’.

People’s lives are more important than money.

If this trend continues, I’m afraid we might lose our island paradise sooner than we think.  Act before it is too late!



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