More Co-operation Key Focus in 2017: Qiliho

 The following is Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho New Year’s message.   As we welcome a new year, it is my wish that we will be able to
31 Dec 2016 11:00
More Co-operation Key Focus in 2017: Qiliho
From left: Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, British High Commissioner, Melanie Hopkins and Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho.

The following is Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho New Year’s message.


As we welcome a new year, it is my wish that we will be able to work together to achieve the best possible results in the fight against crime.

A more integrated working partnership with religious institutions, civil society and all Fijians will be one of my key area of focus in 2017.


2016 crime analysis

An issue that continues to be the bane of my existence is that of crimes against women and children. I will be making another announcement on the overall crime analysis for the year 2016, and while it is safe to say there has been some progress made with regards to the reduction of crimes against women and children, there is room for improvement.

A lot of questions can be asked as to why these crimes are happening however I believe the solution lies in the question as to why the moral values that we would hold dear as a society is slowly deteriorating?

Particularly as the crimes are being committed by persons in position of trust and within the confines of the four walls that are supposed to provide protection to majority of the victims. We need to work together, and I call on every Fijian to work with the Fiji Police Force in addressing crimes against women and children as this is an issue that needs to be addressed urgently.

The Fiji Police Force cannot do this alone and we will need your help and our doors are open for discussion!



2016 has also recorded a number of deaths on our roads which is extremely unfortunate as I am of the belief that majority of the deaths were avoidable.

As a nation we would often share the grief of a family mourning the loss of a loved one and it was always a hard pill to swallow considering the deaths were largely due to human nature whereby a change in attitude and the acceptance of road safety awareness is all that was needed to prevent the loss of life.

The need for the behavioural change does not only apply for traffic related deaths, but also for drowning cases.

With majority of drowning related deaths involving children under 10 years of age, we as responsible adults need to ask ourselves whether the safety of our children is being prioritised at all times? Children need constant supervision as drowning can happen when you’d least expect it.


The fight against drugs

Our focus on drugs will continue in 2017 and with the success of major operations conducted last year with the assistance of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, we will be stepping up on the momentum of operations to ensure we are able to reduce and eradicate the illegal drug trade.

We are persistent in our war against drugs and will look at all avenues to deter people from getting involved as the effects it has on the user and society as a whole is devastating.

It is my wish that people will come to realise the vast negative effects the drug trade has on society and that only a handful of people are benefitting from this illegal activity. My officers will be looking into the proceeds of crime as we want to send a strong message that earning a living through the illegal drug trade will never be condoned.

Major seizures at our borders is also indicative of our determination to keep illegal drugs from entering our country and in partnership with relevant stakeholders such as the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority, criminal elements are forewarned that we are vigilant in watching our borders.



Our officers continue to make their mark in various overseas missions and it’s a proud tradition we will continue in 2017 as we fly both the Fiji and Fiji Police Force flag with pride under the United Nations umbrella.


Shortfalls and training

An area that I will also be focused on is that of the delivery of our service to all Fijians. I do admit there have been shortfalls and we are addressing these through various means through training opportunities with our Academy as well as civil society partners.

In 2016 I had directed the reintroduction of the Distance Flexible Learning Courses to ensure all my officers are able to undergo the training courses available at the Fiji Police Academy.

This will continue in 2017 as I want all my officers to have the same opportunity to enhance their knowledge which in turn will increase efficiency.

Our officers have also been fortunate to have studied overseas at world renowned institutions in countries such as the People’s Republic of China and Indonesia, and at the same time we have offered training opportunities at the Fiji Police Academy for our Pacific Island neighbours such as Kiritbati, Nauru and Vanuatu through the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

A recent trip to Fiji by a delegation from the Peoples Republic of China’s Shanghai Municipal Public Security is a testament of the growing working relationship forged between the Ministry of Public Security and the Fiji Police Force whereby since the formalisation of security co-operation in April 2011, Fiji has been the recipient of assistance both in aid and training opportunities.

The attachment programme for our officers will continue in 2017 and on my recent trip to the People’s Republic of China I was also assured of their continued assistance in the form of technological aid as well as more training opportunities for which we are truly grateful for.

A Memorandum of Understanding with the Indonesian Government has also been vital to the operations of the Fiji Police Force in terms of training opportunities, aid and technical assistance that has seen improvements with our service delivery.

We are fortunate that we will be able to take advantage of more training opportunities being made available in 2017 strengthening the already cordial relationship between the Fiji Police Force and the Indonesian National Police.


ASEANA Chiefs of Police Meeting

Another major milestone is the Fiji Police Force’s acceptance as observer status into the ASEANA Chiefs of Police Meeting of which I had attended with my director International Relations in August 2016.

This is a major achievement for us as a nation as we look to forge and strengthen more international partnerships to combat and prevent transnational crime taking into consideration the complexity of global policing challenges.

We have also been fortunate that training opportunities has also been possible through our various partners such as the Australian Federal Police, New Zealand Police and INTERPOL.


Service Delivery

As an institution we have been extremely grateful to the Government for their support throughout the year and in return we are working hard to reciprocate the assistance in terms of uplifting our service delivery.

The Fiji Police Force is not immune to criticism and despite the actions of some of our officers; I can confidently say that it does not paint a true picture of the thousands of others who continue on with their work in the face of all the negativity, be it in major towns and cities, rural posts or out in maritime islands.

All these challenges mean that in the year ahead we need to engage more through the Duavata Community Policing to make sure we are all working on intervention and crime prevention.



I look forward to working together in making sure our communities are safer and feeling safer throughout 2017 and would like to take this opportunity to wish all the very best for you and your family in the New Year.
Source: Police Media Cell



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