Letters To The Editor, 1st January 2017

Moce 2016, Avesi Kalokalo, Ba However, we imagined 2016, I know it didn’t go quite as planned. As we wrote up our resolutions, that piece of paper might have been
01 Jan 2017 11:05
Letters To The Editor, 1st January 2017

Moce 2016,

Avesi Kalokalo,


However, we imagined 2016, I know it didn’t go quite as planned.

As we wrote up our resolutions, that piece of paper might have been crammed,

Partially to blame may be others, or even totally ourselves,

Pat yourself nonetheless, life does have lows and swells,

Yank yourself to newer heights where the real you soar and dwells


Nation after nation had their fair shares of disaster

Even though nature raged on and on

We as Fijians recovered so much faster


Yet politically all I see and hear is humanity craving so much power,

Endless wars and rioting, no one cares for the young who cower

Alas! My friend, shall we continue in this evil and ghastly trend?

Rio was a ray of hope, in future my sore heart will mend.

God bless you in 2017!



Alcohol free party,

Sukha Singh,


A friend asked me if free alcohol would be supplied at the party.

I told him if free alcohol would have been supplied they would have said “free alcohol” instead of alcohol free party.

It would have been better if they said “no alcohol party”



HNY 2017,

Manoa Kaleca,


Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the Letters to the Editor column throughout the year, and of course the management and staff at Fiji Sun.

I would like to take this time to wish you all a blessed, fulfilling and a prosperous New Year 2017.



Blessed New Year 2017,

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa ,


From a Biblical perspective, when the sun sets on Saturday, December 31, 2016, the world is on its way for the start of 2017.

The year 2016 is now history with all its joy, pain, loss and happiness.

As living beings, let us thank the Creator for all He has done in our lives in 2016, as we recommit our lives in His hands for 2017.

By now, we will all have plans for the New Year, our New Year’s resolution, things to achieve, places to visit, things to do etc.

Those of us who consider the number seven to be a lucky number, will have a good feeling that 2017 will be a good year for Fijians.

The first time the number seven is mentioned in the Bible was after God completed His Creation on the sixth day and rested on the Seventh day, which He blessed and set aside for humanity as His Holy day.

The world may come up with different solutions to all the problems that we will face in 2017, but the number seven in 2017 should remind us that we are only complete when we abide and rest totally in the caring and loving arms of our Creator.

He is the answer to all our problems as with God, nothing is impossible.

A blessed New Year 2017 to you all.



Flyover bridge,

Nayaran Naidu,


From Walu Bay to Wailekutu there are five small bridges along that route.

All of them are not in good shape and cannot withstand major floods or weight. Imagine the upheaval and nightmare for travellers if one of the bridges collapse.

As we can witness the ever changing weather pattern particularly in Suva, council or Government do not have a long term plan in store to this major challenge to revolutionise for future impacts.

In my view, serious thoughts should be given to construct a flyover bridge that could bypass the five small bridges between Suva and Lami.

This would provide permanent solution to ease transportation and traffic issues in this segment.

The cost would be massive but can be justified if compared the expenses and time involved in repairing or reconstructing the existing bridges and widening the Suva/Lami highway.

Besides, the flyover bridge remains a landmark for Suva and the visitors.

Let us see the bigger picture!


Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj 

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