My Top Five Hollywood Picks

The final installment of this series of best interviews is focusing on tinsel town, Hollywood where bigger is better and literally anything goes. So who fits the bill of being
01 Jan 2017 15:58
My Top Five Hollywood Picks
Ajay Bhai Amrit with Justin Bieber.

The final installment of this series of best interviews is focusing on tinsel town, Hollywood where bigger is better and literally anything goes.

So who fits the bill of being in Hollywood, that question is basically everybody who is in entertainment from television to film, from singers to reality stars.

Today I will list my 5 favourite interviews from this cross section, again there are so many to choose from like Food Guru Jamie Oliver, singer Mariah Carey, multiple television actors and theatre actors, dancers etc but I have chosen interviews where what you see is certainly not what you get.

5) Kevin Hart, I have met many comedians during my time interviewing and they have all failed to shine when the cameras are off, in fact they are more reclusive than your average actor hiding behind a thin veil of insecurity, but Kevin Hart didn’t disappoint.

I found him to be funny very accommodating and more importantly having the ability to make fun of himself and not take himself too seriously.

What you see on the big screen is what you get in real life, which for Hollywood is a rarity.

Kevin Hart has pitched himself as a main stream and big movie entertainer and so far with his good attitude and relaxed personality he has a great future ahead of him.


4) Reba McEntire,  She may not be that well known in our region but in America she is a national icon.

Reba is a country singer, song writer, television actress, theatre actress, celebrity host and the list goes on. Having sold over 100 million records she is one of the highest selling female recording artists in history.

Coming from a poor country town and growing up the hard way Reba has instilled that work ethic in her career telling me:

“Hard work has never hurt anybody and success is built on hard work.”

Her Southern values and simple philosophy to life has inspired a generation of people especially women that hard work pays off.


3) Justin Bieber,  A lot has been written about this young individual both good and bad, but I for one can vouch for the hard work and dedication he puts in on a daily basis to be the best he can at his craft.

Another fascinating fact is he is an extremely talented musician being able to play so many different types of instruments from the drums to guitar and an assortment of others in between. His singing is also excellent as he performed in front of a private audience of 100 VIP Guests which I attended with just him and his guitar and sounded awesome.


2) Boyz II Men,  This group of talented individuals are the most successful R&B band in history selling millions upon millions of records and also holding the spot of having the longest running number 1 spot on the US billboards in history. There secret to success is their ability to stay together as a band and also their deep understanding of loyalty and respect towards each other which has helped them stay at the top for so long. The group has been together since their school days and celebrate 30 years together in 2018.


1) Pamela Anderson, You may regard this as a strange choice but I was blown away by what I expected to hear in our interview and what she is really like. Pamela in my opinion is one of the smartest and savvy people in Hollywood. It has been 27 years since she came to fame and has somehow managed to reinvent herself so many time to make herself still relevant today. In Hollywood it is an extremely rare sight to see a former model and television actress continue to be talked about after so many years, but she has done it. In Hollywood two things matter fame and fortune and Pamela continues to attract both. Edited by Rusiate Mataika

The writer is a Fiji Sun columnist.


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