Letters To The Editor, 02 January 2017

Thank you, Fiji Sun Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada Forgive me if I am late, but it is better late than never. On behalf of us letter writers contributing from outside Fiji,
02 Jan 2017 14:31
Letters To The Editor, 02 January 2017
Letters To the Editor

Thank you, Fiji Sun

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


Forgive me if I am late, but it is better late than never.

On behalf of us letter writers contributing from outside Fiji, I would like to thank the Fiji Sun for printing our opinions in your daily last year, 2016.

As we kick start 2017, it is my prayer that our letters will continue to be printed, if approved.

On this note, I wish the Fiji Sun staff and readers a blessed New Year 2017.

Rude customer service 

Kirti Patel,


Recently, I was at a restaurant in Lautoka.

I found the place overcrowded, unhygienic and to sum it up I encountered a very rude customer service. The lady at the main counter looked frustrated and tired maybe because of the busy schedule because the place was filled like sardines.

She hardly smiled and her attitude was such – to simply get money and tell the customer to get lost.

I saw her hardly giving receipts to anyone properly, but instead she just kept taking money and ignored giving the receipts. I went to take a seat while waiting for my orders and then I released I didn’t get the receipt because she only gave me a written order, which I didn’t even need. When I approached her this is what happened:

1) It took her good two minutes to pay attention to me;

2) She looked at me with a facial expression as if asking “oh! you again”;

3) When I requested for a receipt, she looked here and there near the counter than said, “I gave it to you but you didn’t take it”;

4) She showed me her rubbish bin, which was filled with papers, rubbish and receipts telling me this is where the receipts go when it is not taken from the counter;

5) When I asked her if she was expecting me to go through that rubbish bin for the receipt, she gave me the look as if she really didn’t mind if I had to;

6) I said let’s give her the benefit of doubt and since the counter was so busy, she can probably just make the cash sale and give the receipt later wwhen we had finish our meal;

7) She made me wait for another minute until I asked her if I could get one or not;

8) She made me wait another minute but by that time I just had had enough of her bad attitude and I demanded that she gave me one on the spot; and

9) I finally got one as if she did me a huge favour in the world but ignored me straight after;

10) I told her to write her name at the back of the receipt, just so that I could talk to the owner.

She wrote it with full arrogance, probably with her full strength.

I thought owners of restaurants would be more cautious towards their customers and pay more attention to them.

Can the authorities please look into this and teach some customer service skills?

Opposition leadership

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


I am compelled to write further to a report on all those Opposition parties that lost the 2014 general election have teamed up to discuss a way out on forging a united front for the 2018 polls.

Can they be trusted? This is being spearheaded by SODELPA’s Sitiveni Rabuka and FLP’s Mahendra Chaudhry together with a few other minor invited parties in seeking the wider support of the public.

Unity is the buzz word on the agenda for these group, but if one dissects all these players on the table one cannot help but notice they were the ones who are causing disunity among Fijians right now. Who else are they trying to fool again this time around?

The indiscriminate and inclusive Mr Bainimarama-led government is moving forward and uniting every Fijian through its reform policies, with its economic developments programmes to benefit everyone, irrespective as dictated to in the 2013 Constitution.

Through our government’s pathway to achieving economic prosperity, all Fijians will share equally in our country’s wealth and no one will be left behind.

Are these people really serious?

They are the very same group who rejected outright our 2013 Constitution and who opposed the idea of equal citizenry in which we should all be called Fijians, irrespective.

Let’s not be fooled. These groups realistically have no leadership capabilities. Is this a marriage of convenience? As far as I am concerned it’s a scam with a doomed leadership crisis.

The majority of Fijians have moved on with a proven and tested leadership in the Voreqe Bainimarama government. The majority all want consistency, stability, economic prosperity and there is no other way except the FijiFirst political party which represents a grand coalition of what our country and our 2013 Constitution represents.

Big let-down, 

Sukha Singh ,


On the last day of the 2016 I opened the Labasa Town Council letters and I find there is a 30 per cent increase in rates.

I thought the Government brought in administrators to run the councils efficiently and to bring the already excessive rates down.

Under the administrators we lost a $500,000 swimming pool and a Jaycees park.

The council had a big celebration. where I lost count of the medals they gave out to the former mayors and workers and even to the present administrators.

I knew it won’t be long when they will make the ratepayers pay for them.

At least the council could have given each ratepayer a letter about this increase instead of advertising in the papers. Anyway, I wasn’t going to celebrate the New Year. I hope there is no more developments undertaken until we have elected councillors.

I hope Minister Parveen Bala can stop this unnecessary increase and try to get the swimming pool and park back.

Happy New Year to the rest of you from SS.

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