Letters To The Editor 6th January 2017

  New Coach, New Whistle Samuela Rareba, Suva Good on you Gareth Baber for wasting no time by jumping in with our 7s gladiator and commencing work straight away in
06 Jan 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor 6th January 2017
Letters To The Editor


New Coach, New Whistle

Samuela Rareba, Suva

Good on you Gareth Baber for wasting no time by jumping in with our 7s gladiator and commencing work straight away in building a formidable team for the next two leg in the World Sevens Series.

Just a ‘kerekere’ to the Fiji Rugby Union, with the money in your account, I am sure you can always afford to buy a whistle for our new coach.

Just referring to the front page photo of the Fiji Sun, where our newly appointed 7s coach is using his fingers to make a whistle-like sound.



Tsunami Warning

Edwin Sandys, Suva

I am raising this issue because we really need to look and learn from Wednesday’s tsunami warning.

I ask that this is taken in the proper spirit and I mean no one any disrespect. This is what I witnessed and suggestions to counter it.

Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority staff were seen walking casually up Ratu Sukuna Road. If a tsunami had hit they would have been caught walking up. Many of them assembled at the park opposite Service Street while the rest gathered at Vatuwaqa Primary. Question we need to ask is, is this high enough?

Fiji National Provident Fund staff were seen walking up the dirt road to where the Fiji Club is. There were groups of people right by the Anglican Church, and others by the Salvation Army just past Pender Street. Again we ask, is this high enough?

There were people out fishing who did not have radios.

My last observation was that everyone dashed for their cars and went home, but that created the biggest problem – traffic jams and it was not funny.

Perhaps this could become something discussed at your company’s next Ocupational Health and Safety meeting. You get to discuss the points I have raised and evaluate where you feel is the high ground taking into consideration the fact that we are surrounded by the sea and that it would rush in from all angles.

This is how I felt about Vatuwaqa Primary, being an assembly point because the tsunami would come through Ratu Sukuna Rd and up Laucala Bay. Staff members should be told to leave their vehicles behind because this would solve the traffic jam problem.

These are suggestions to problems I witnessed on Wednesday and hope it is taken into consideration.



Alert Text

Neelz Singh, Lami

Warnings are taken lightly in some parts of our Fijian community.

Even though some people were out at sea fishing or surfing or having a picnic, they would not have heard the warning over the radio, but most of them have access to cell phones.

I think it would be wise that network providers or phone companies can send alert warning text messages.

We need to take some vigilant action in time, so precaution is better than remorse. We need to unite in hard times of disasters.



Rent Freeze

Pranil Ram, Nadi

It is mandatory for all the landlords to pay taxes.

Hence, relevant authorities have the right to listen to the plight of landlords as well.

What about in some cases if the landlords are clearly able to justify their increases in rent pertaining to the agreement?

I know of many landlords who have invested in rental properties and rent is their major or only source of their income. As all of us are aware that cost of living has increased but for them rental income has remained the same.

Similarly, many other things have to be factored in before coming to any conclusion. It is a welcome move that finally the Commerce Commission has started working on a Residential Tenancy Bill, which was long overdue.

I only hope that this bill will be effectively able to represent the rights and interests of both the tenants and the landlords.



Empty Bottles, Cans

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Could the Government impose a 10 cents refundable deposit on all liquor, beer, juice and coke bottles and cans so people can stop littering as suggested to me by a friend, David Maurice, from Australia?

Can the beer factory make some arrangements to pick all the empty beer bottles from Labasa?

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj



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