Letters To The Editor, January 11, 2017

Rugby award Wise Muavono, Lautoka On behalf of all Fijian rugby fans, I nominate my tau, Ben Ryan, for the 2016 Coach of the Year Award in this Saturday’s Fiji
11 Jan 2017 08:05
Letters To The Editor, January 11, 2017
A writer has nominated his tau, Ben Ryan, for the 2016 Coach of the Year Award in this Saturday’s Fiji Rugby Awards Night.

Rugby award

Wise Muavono,


On behalf of all Fijian rugby fans, I nominate my tau, Ben Ryan, for the 2016 Coach of the Year Award in this Saturday’s Fiji Rugby Awards Night.

To those (clowns) at rugby house, his name may not be in your nomination list, but in our hearts he is the Coach of the Year.



New roads

Joan McGoon,


Drivers are relishing the smooth rides and drives on our newly refurbished roads from Nadi Airport to Namaka.

They are even more thrilled with the policing of the new traffic lights, which maintain order and discipline among motorists and pedestrians alike.

Some pedestrians are still trying to figure out how to actually cross the road with the lights and signs.

Normally, order and discipline does take a tad bit of getting used to.

Bus drivers are super enthusiastic that they drive right past the bus stops with waiting passengers just so they don’t get stuck waiting on a red light, and this is seconds before it changes.

Next installation? Traffic cameras.



Only in Labasa

Floyd Robinson,



Why it that the fish sold in Labasa is the tastiest one could experience across that nation? Whatever the reason, scientific or spiritual, one fisherman explained that such sea food is found only in Labasa.

Quickly changing the subject I enquired about his new year’s resolution.

He replied ‘a new year and a new dear’. Well, only in Labasa.



Rugby career

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


We should all be happy for Kitione Taliga because what we first read as a Coconut Wireless is now reality that he is indeed going out to greener pastures.

With the gold mine of talented rugby players in Fiji for both the 15s and 7s, any departure for greener pastures should not affect Fijian rugby.

Unless of course, if the Fiji Rugby Union contracts our local players in order to hold them back in Fiji.

Rugby is a sport that is helping Fijian players get overseas rugby contracts and I believe the more Fijians participate overseas in national or club levels, the more the opportunity for greener pastures.

We are proud of all Fijian ruggers playing overseas and a big Vinaka Vakalevu to all our current Fiji players who have been approached to play overseas, but declined for love of country.



Umbrella for any weather

Herleen Emily Kumar,


The stereotypes of a society often misleads an actual modern practice. As climate change is showing its signs in the region, we often experience a change in weather pattern, from hot to cold and sunny to rain. It was a sunny and a hot day here in the burning west, I went down to town to do a little shopping with my umbrella.

One of the sales boys at the counter started to stare at me with a giggled surprise. I asked him what was wrong?

He replied by criticising that it was not raining and I was mad carrying an umbrella.

This was not the first incident, but several of them where I got mocked for using an umbrella on a sunny day.

While the world is modernising, majority of the people here in Fiji are still getting the effects of the past century.

Sometimes, it’s funny to even think about; that umbrellas are only used in rainy days?

While the world temperature is increasing day by day, the heat is gearing up in the tropical island.

And, due to the hot rays of the sun, we are not only burning down our skins, but getting severe headaches in this hot season.

So an umbrella can work for either rainy or sunny days.

In countries like China, an umbrella is one of the essential part of their lives (maybe that’s why they have white skins).

Instead, of getting wet down by sweat from head to toe, we all can get ourselves an umbrella, that’s what it serves for.

#Sega na leqa! Fiji.

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