Letters To The Editor, 12th January, 2017

Soccer coach Shariff Shah, Savusavu Gamel, if you want to last long with the Fiji Football Association, please learn to say yes. There should not be any ‘NO’ at all.
12 Jan 2017 11:32
Letters To The Editor, 12th January, 2017
Letters to The Editor

Soccer coach

Shariff Shah,


Gamel, if you want to last long with the Fiji Football Association, please learn to say yes. There should not be any ‘NO’ at all.

You have to be their ‘yes’ man all the time. The day you say ‘no’ the exit door will be in front of you.

Just take the advice from past players, coaches, administrators and also referees.

Welcome to Fiji soccer.




Back to school

Kirti Patel,



It’s that time of the year where the mad rush to buy school gear for our children begins.

The school holidays are finally coming to the end. Hope the school managers are taking a keen interest in the upkeep of school and to check if the school buildings and compounds are up to date or not.

To the parents, hope they are cross checking their school shopping list and, of course, paying close attention to the prices.

We wish all the students and beginners the very best. To all the teachers out there, it’s time to start work again.

To the Minister for Education, please go easy with the new forums. Each civil servant is putting in their best effort, which deserves appreciation as well.

Let’s hope good discipline is maintained and hopefully no brawl or other issues arise. Education is a priority and since our nation is fortunate enough to get free education, let’s anticipate that students will appreciate and make the most of it.

Let’s hope we have a good academic year of 2017.

Wishing all students and teachers the very best this year.




Hammer blow

Pranil Ram,



Firstly, it was Kitione Taliga, and now it’s Savenaca Rawaca? Just when we were coming to terms with news of the sudden departure of Taliga overseas, Rawaca’s news came and it was a bitter pill to swallow.

I believe our 7s team preparation for the series has suffered a hammer blow.

This is not only because of the fact that two star players are leaving, but how much of their teammates including the rookies would have desired to play alongside them.

These two players are very skillful and their experience and guidance is badly needed by the team. It is now an even bigger challenge for Baber and the team to build a winning combination.

However, I firmly believe that it is also the time for seasoned players to step up.




Nurses and smell

Samuela Rareba,


Even though the comments on the nurses singing their version of the Christmas carols has a lot of negative comments and views, I believe that there is nothing harmful in this video.

We might say that it is very unprofessional because they were in uniform, and some might say that they are disregarding their noble professionalism and do not have a heart for the needy.

First and foremost, these nurses are just human beings who are just trying to have a little fun and like any other organisations, we tend to do the same thing now and then – making fun of the clients, customers, but its all harmful fun.

It might not be right, but a little fun sure does help in a big way, especially from those stresses and all.

For those who are saying that these nurses are disregarding that noble profession, if you pay close attention to the video, these nurses were singing a Christmas carol, in their uniforms, which means that when most people are sitting and relaxing in the festive season from the comfort of their homes, these nurses are giving up their precious time with their families just so that they can attend to the sick people of whom they don’t even know.

And yes, that is what they have signed up for.

So, just imagine, during the festive season when most family members are relaxing at home and enjoying the festivity, these nurses had to cope with coming to work and taking in all those pressure, the stress, etc.

So, why not make up a sentence or two on the lyrics just to add humour to their work in which they are fully committed to.

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