Letters To The Editor 14th January 2016

Coach Of The Year Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,   Surrey, BC, Canada Lest we forget, let us rewind and watch the national celebration when Fiji created history by winning its first ever medal,
14 Jan 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor 14th January 2016
Letters To The Editor

Coach Of The Year

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,   Surrey, BC, Canada

Lest we forget, let us rewind and watch the national celebration when Fiji created history by winning its first ever medal, in this case, a gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics Games.

The President, Prime Minister, all the parliamentarians, government ministers, the Fiji Rugby Union president and all its staff, all the Rugby Clubs in Fiji, including all those coaches nominated for the 2016 Coach Of The Year Award and all Fijians, sang praises that Coach Ben Ryan is number one in the world.

As an iTaukei and a Christian, I plead with the Fiji Rugby Union to do the right thing!



Infrastructure Concern

Rajesh Lal, Lautoka

Millions of dollars of tax payers’ monies are being wasted due to poor planning and construction of roads.

This only proves one thing that overseas roading companies are just making money in Fiji and the concerned authorities are turning a blind eye by awarding them contract after contract.

At the end of the day it is the tax payers that become victims.

Can we have a permanent solution rather than wasting millions of dollars every year on maintenance only?




Political Mileage Or Genuine Caring?

Arvind Mani, Nadi

Biman Prasad has been in the news recently badmouthing the Government for not doing enough for the students. He said they are still studying in tents and this can be very traumatic for them.

The Government should have waved a magic wand and fixed all the schools rather than have the poor students study under such horrible conditions that cause them such mental anguish.

He said the Government should have provided temporary shelters!  What?! The tents, Dr Prasad, are temporary shelters!

And it does not take a PhD to figure that out.

I am not sure when that will dawn on this genius.

When New Orleans was devastated  by Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago, it took about five years to attain a semblance of normalcy.  And the United States is a wealthy country.

It’s important not to forget that, in some parts of the world, school can be a hard-won luxury. Many children throughout the world have to take the most incredible and unimaginable routes in order to receive the education that some of us may take for granted.

According to UNESCO, progress in connecting children to schools has slowed down over the past five years. Areas that lack suitable school routes can often flood, making it even harder for kids to commute. Dangerous paths are one of the main reasons why many children decide to quit school.

The solution might seem easy: build roads and bridges, buy buses and hire a driver. However, the lack of funds and recurring natural disasters in many countries make it difficult to provide children with the solutions they so desperately need.

On the contrary, the Government of Fiji is doing a superb job in building more  schools.

It just opened another school last week in Ba. I do not recall Prasad saying something then.

The most intellectual scholars in India obtained their education from gurus under bunyan trees and there was no record of trauma from them.

But Mr Prasad will assert that we do not know for sure as no medical records were kept then.

I was a high school teacher when Hurricane Bibi struck (October 1972).

Not one of the students was traumatised then when they studied in tents.

And yes, we did have medical records in 1972.  The children actually enjoyed the setting.

If Mr Prasad was so concerned about the welfare of the kids, what has he done to improve their plight?

All he is doing now is getting cheap publicity, and that is pathetic.

At one time, the National Federation Party had statesmen like AD Patel and Jai Ram Reddy.

Now it has petty politicians who will say or do anything to get a vote.

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