Master Of One But Jack Of ‘ALL’

Wayne was a brilliant Chartered Accountant and quite quickly got a job in a reputed organisation in Suva. Though he joined as a junior executive within a year he was
21 Jan 2017 11:00
Master Of One But  Jack Of ‘ALL’

Wayne was a brilliant Chartered Accountant and quite quickly got a job in a reputed organisation in Suva.

Though he joined as a junior executive within a year he was promoted to the position of ‘Team Leader’.

His elevation was based not only on his knowledge of accounting but also his ability to manage people with tact.

Apart from this he was also good in dealing with tough situations.

He was so good in his field of accounting that he almost became the ‘Go-to- Guy’ for all issues related to finance and accounts and it was not a surprise when he was again promoted to the post of Head of Department for Finance.

One could say that Wayne was now a master in his field due to his constant urge to keep upgrading his knowledge related to the subject of Finance.

It was a Friday afternoon and at exactly 3pm all the Heads of various Departments trickled into the main ‘Meeting room’.

For Wayne it was his first meeting of this magnitude where he was interacting with all his colleagues who were themselves heading various other departments.

The meeting started and as per the planned schedule each Head of Department (HOD) had to make a small presentation related to his achievements and plans for the future.

Wayne too was prepared with his specific presentation as he had prepared intensely for it albeit his turn would come later as there were three other presenters who had to make their presentations before him.

The first presenter was Ajesh, the Head of Sales department.

He greeted everyone and began speaking about the various sales figures, medium and long term targets as well as sales strategies.

Towards the conclusion he asked if others in the audience had any questions or queries to put forth to him.

Initially most of the people in the room were silent. However Wayne was left completely speechless. However, the reason for Wayne being left speechless was because he had not understood most of what Ajesh had presented.

To make matters worse for Wayne, the Managing Director who was also present in that meeting looked towards him and asked him if he had any points to add and suggestions to share.

As Wayne sat there in silence unaware of what to say some of the other Heads of Department slowly and yet steadily began taking initiatives to seek certain clarification of doubts and queries.

It seemed as though there was a healthy discussion after Ajesh’s sales presentations except that Wayne was still ‘speechless’ and that was mainly because he had absolutely no idea and knowledge about the subject of sales.

It was now the turn of Rahul to make his presentation.

Rahul was heading the Human Resource department and he had brought along with him some charts to help him present his thoughts.

He spoke about bringing changes in Employee Retention Policies as well as certain requirements for technical and soft -skills training interventions.

Rahul also briefly spoke on the importance of the 360 Degree Feedback process that could help the entire organization to improve and grow.

All this was sounding almost Greek & Latin to Wayne as he had never heard of terms such as Soft-skills and 360 Degree feedback process.

He was again left ‘speechless” however he noticed the Head of Production and even the head of Sales discussing and sharing their respective perspectives with Rahul.

In fact they had their own suggestions to make to him. For Wayne, it was getting almost embarrassing especially as he witnessed many others among his colleagues highly involved by asking questions and initiating healthy and pertinent discussions.

It was Wayne’s turn to make his presentation and he did that exceedingly well.

There was not a single flaw or error in his entire presentation and it left all the members in the audience totally impressed.

“Any questions or suggestions” he asked the audience and that was when many of his colleagues began asking specific and relevant questions to Wayne and which he answered perfectly.

“Can I share something related to the how we can deal with Financial frauds?” asked one of the colleagues from the Marketing department and he was not even the head of that Department.

He was a Manager who had accompanied his senior for the meeting. Wayne listened to the suggestion and responded accordingly.



As Wayne’s presentation concluded, all the others offered him a standing ovation for the brilliant manner in which he had share the financial strategies.

As the applause slowly faded the m       anaging director looked toward Wayne and addressed him. “Hey Wayne, I must tell you that your knowledge about your subject is immense and deep and I know it will surely help us in every possible way.

Having said this, I am also impressed with some of the others in this group who showed that although they are masters in their own functions.

They also have developed awareness and knowledge about other functions too which I believe is also important and very much required.

We must not become narrowed in terms of knowing only things related to our own function but must widen our scope of understanding and awareness related to other subjects as well.

Some of the questions or suggestions that the manager from the marketing department shared with the Wayne our Head of Finance was pleasantly surprising to me.

It has made me to ponder and introspect about a few things related to finance and financial frauds.

It has made me more convinced that ‘Depth of knowledge is extremely important; but along with it Breadth of knowledge too is pleasant necessity”.

Just being a master of one subject or function is good, rather very good.

But being jack of all at the same time is excellent” saying these words he thanked the various Heads of Departments and some other managers present there and left the room.

That evening Wayne had learnt a valuable lesson.

There was a very important message in what his Managing Director had shared. Wayne was clear as to what he had to do.

He immediately called up his friend, who happened to be a professor in a university and requested him to bring him a few books on subjects related to Sales and Human Resource Management.

In the meantime Wayne, without wasting time opened his laptop and searched through Google for some interesting ‘reading content’ related to Marketing strategies and Production Planning.

He knew that if he wanted to grow further in the organization he had to not just become a Master of ONE but along with it, he had to become the the ‘JACK OF ALL’.
Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:



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