Letters To The Editor 23rd January 2017

Stand For Human Rights Taitusi Sokiveta,  Phoniex, Arizona, USA I really like the stand for human rights and  on women’s and children’s rights by Shamima Ali. What Ms Ali is
23 Jan 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor 23rd January 2017
Letters To The Editor

Stand For Human Rights

Taitusi Sokiveta,  Phoniex, Arizona, USA

I really like the stand for human rights and  on women’s and children’s rights by Shamima Ali.

What Ms Ali is doing in Fiji is really true. She said there is one law that covers all human rights in Fiji and a different law that cover all iTaukei in villages.

The elders in villages who are die hard traditionalists are really the ones who are interfering with human rights for women and children.

They believe that all traditions on earth were created by God. This is where the problem is. All traditions on earth were created by men not God. So they believe tradition is the law, even if it interferes with human rights.

This is because they believe and think alike when it comes to women’s right, they don’t belong in any democratic free society on earth that upholds human rights.




Bogus Dealers

Chandra Prakash Singh,  Suva

People should be intelligent enough to understand the motives of those few people who obtain money with false promises either in person or through on-line advertisements.

Despite warnings by the Consumer Council, Commerce Commission and Fiji Police Force, few people still get hoodwinked and end up losing their hard earned cash within a few minutes.

Purchasing certain goods on-line, promises of fixing lucrative jobs locally or overseas, arranging visitors/migration visas, building a house and providing a taxi plate are few incidents that can lure people in making advance payments.

People should not easily get swayed, become so foolish and blindly agree to promises made by sweet talkers who are smart enough to trap you but have nothing positive to offer.

As adults, make an effort to judge such people who come to you with false promises and want to create miracles when their own life is full of thorns.

One thing that you should always consider  that it takes a lot of time and effort to earn money and to lose a large amount of cash to unfaithful people with ulterior motives can be really painful.

Always keep in mind that before making a decision about any matter ”think twice”, “don’t respond instantly” and “act wisely”.

It would also be in your advantage when approached by strangers or reading certain advertisements online to seek clarification from relevant authorities who protect consumers rights.

People with sinister motives will do everything possible to influence and make you believe them but their ultimate aim is to make quick money without much effort.

People should not feel greedy and think that dealing with such people with quick fix difficulties, will make you rich and have a better life.

Through media, adequate information is provided and people should pay particular attention to such precautionary messages.

Do not, later on say that you could not understand or did not know that a person would be so dishonest and then it will be too late to correct your mistake.

When under false promises people tend to take money and it becomes rather difficult to recover that amount even when such people are caught by law enforcement agencies.

Some times it takes months to locate such people because they can change their outlook, location and may use different names and then spend all the money for what he or she may have intended it for.

Hearing an incident of such nature should be sufficient enough to keep you on alert at all times.




Too Many Rights

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

In this day and era there are so many rights being recognised and legalised that it really makes one wonder what kind of adults are we allowing our children to be when they grow up.

These days, parents are scared to discipline their children as they can call authorities at any time. Even some teachers are very cautious about what they say to children as sometimes parents go straight to the media to raise their concerns, if not to the Police.

With a lot a rights, it seems like their option to a problem is to charge someone. We seem to be losing our culture of sitting down and discussing things the island way.

Could it be that the many rights in today’s society may be eroding some aspects of our culture, if not ignoring traditional mechanism of conflict management?



America First

Sukha Singh,  Labasa

I am just wondering if President Donald Trump got the idea of America First from Bainimarama’s FijiFirst policy.

Could somebody ask him and let me know?

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj



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