Letters To The Editor, 24th, January, 2017

Power of teachers Arun Prasad,  Nausori I have been reading in the Fiji Sun about the responsibilities of adults towards children and their education. There is no iota of doubt
24 Jan 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 24th, January, 2017
Letters To the Editor

Power of teachers

Arun Prasad,  Nausori

I have been reading in the Fiji Sun about the responsibilities of adults towards children and their education.

There is no iota of doubt that parents play a critical role in the lives of their children.

However, I believe that the most important person in the lives of the children are the teachers. There is a critical need in our society today that we prepare the teachers, who not only know the subject matter, but are also adequately equipped to understand the social and emotional needs of the children.

Therefore, investing in teachers and supporting their professional growth are the keys to improving teaching and learning.

Free textbooks and tablets, etc. may be the ingredients needed for “knowledge based society”.

But do not forget the most important ingredient – the teacher, for they have the power to shape the lives of our children.



Year One issue

Samuela Rareba,  Suva

I just find it hilarious that most of the schools these days are not accepting some Year One students because they were born late or I might say born in the months from July to December.

In order to be accepted into Year One, your child will need to be 6 years old within the first six months, otherwise they will have to wait till the following year to be accepted into Year One.

However, by then they will be turning seven. Is this a requirement from the Ministry of Education or are the schools just trying to act smart?

One sad thing about this is that it can create a low self-esteem for the children because they will be a year older than the rest of the students. But if this is the case, then I guess family planning will play a major role for those planning to have children from now on. It’s all about timing the months.



Bus drivers

Damodaran Nandan,  Lautoka

May I request the concerned authorities to see that bus drivers stop at the right place to pick and drop passengers?

In Lautoka, for example in Kashmir, bus drivers use the T-junction to pick and drop passengers.

This is an everyday issue. Just imagine from 10 to 15 passengers boarding the bus at the T-junction? This scene is very common in every part of the city.

Even the foot crossing near the BBQ chicken outlet is being used by the bus drivers to pick up their passengers while the traffic behind the bus has to wait thinking that someone is crossing.

Sometimes it seems some of the buses are being used as an anti-mosquito spraying buses from the volume of smoke it emits.



Traffic congestion

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

There are so many different suggestions with the question: How can we ease traffic congestion?

Very simple. If more people carpool or catch a bus, even if it’s only one or two days a week, this will make a difference.

It’s not a matter of constructing more roads or limiting the number of vehicles being imported, etc. But my suggestion is just wishful thinking, isn’t it?



New beginning

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

The month of January certainly marks a new beginning.

Globally, almost every nation watched as the most powerful nation, United States of America, welcome President Donald Trump.

Locally, all eyes were glued to watch the Coral Coast 7s in Sigatoka, especially given the fact that some players were out to impress Vodafone Fiji 7s coach, Gareth Baber.

The inclusion of Nacanieli Lalalaba and Mesulame Kunavula marked a new beginning, perhaps an investment for the future because some of the senior players could be retiring soon.

In another scenario, the damaged road at Kasavu makes one realise how we take small things, like roads, for granted and how nature can suddenly turn its ugly eyes on infrastructure.

Most parents will be breathing a financial sigh of relief as their children have made it back to school.

For some communities, discussions have started on village bylaws because leaders are keen to have this endorsed.

For some secondary school students, the training for the national Coca-Cola Games begins. How we respond to the new beginnings in January will influence our views of 2017 come December.

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