Letters To The Editor 25th January 2017

Women’s Kava Drinking Worrying? Tevita Seruilumi,  Suva This quote (FS 24/01) reads: “Sometimes children are left unsupervised and leads to problems, and I hope that parents in itaukei settings will
25 Jan 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor 25th January 2017
Letters To The Editor

Women’s Kava Drinking Worrying?

Tevita Seruilumi,  Suva

This quote (FS 24/01) reads: “Sometimes children are left unsupervised and leads to problems, and I hope that parents in itaukei settings will reduce kava consumption and spend more time with their children.”

Strange that the solution to this problem lies in limiting the amount of time women spend on kava, as if there are no roles for men in looking after children. The title of the article was “Board: Women’s Kava Drinking Worrying”.

I encourage readers to move away from using children to limit women’s enjoyment of their rights and leisure. Looking after children is the equal responsibility of both parents’ and guardians – whether you are a man or a woman.

If we have to reduce kava consumption so that parents can spend more time with their children than the discussion should be around both men and women having limited hours of drinking kava or equal hours.

It seems only when women drink too much, or do things that are normally enjoyed by men that it becomes a problem or that the problem is highlighted.

Women’s dressing, women’s movements, women’s hair and now women’s enjoyment of our national drink till early hours. I wonder what will be next.


Family Lifestyle

Dhirendra Prasad,  Lautoka

Our children, upon birth, learn everything they see, hear and feel. This means that they get accustomed to the daily life experiences which are the greatest influencing factors.

No amount of forced changes in their lives would be effective unless their foundation is correct in terms of their character-building. They can be shaped well at a tender age but would become brittle upon maturing.

Adult influence nowadays is creating havoc on our children.

Gone are the days when children would sit under the shades of trees in the village and listen to stories (fairy tales, mysteries and some even created) by their grandmothers/grandfathers or anyone else who cared for their character development.

How good it was to be sitting together with all the members of the family and talk.

This talk provided a platform for good language use, good behaviour and assists in family bonding.

Facebook and the other technological gadgets have replaced the family bonding.

Think of leaders of the past. They were compassionate, genuinely caring, mature in their thoughts and “cool”.

Now everything is “hot” and this hotness is causing ill-conceived patterns of behaviour in the community.

Let us use technology to our advantage but not let technology control us to the detriment of our family bonding and culture.

Get under a tree with all the members of the family (just for a try) and feel the essence of real love and affection of each one as a living relative instead of a photo on Facebook.

Our children are real gems but need polishing with the right ingredients to make them shine. Understand them, listen to them, provide them the space they need and they will become a light towards the brighter future which is already showing signs of darkness and illusion.


Internet Providers

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Consumers in Fiji need better access to the Internet. The current providers are not being competitive enough and are taking advantage of the consumers in Fiji by splitting data into peak and off peak usage and limited data caps.

Considering Fiji has the Southern Cross Cable directly connected to it, they provide an unfair service for which the people are already paying for.

The internet service providers (ISP) in Fiji need to:

  • Provide better consumer services
  • Provide larger data caps
  • Give freedom to consumers to use their data when they please to do so

The ever growing industries on the internet have pushed light years ahead and the consumers in Fiji are not able to use the internet to its maximum potential. We need better data packages and services from our Internet Service Providers so we can keep up with the rest of the world.

Internet Service Providers in Fiji should be providing better services-data and support. The consumers deserve data packages which are sufficient and does not limit half of the usage from midnight to early morning when most of the consumers are asleep.

Better data caps need to be given so consumers can access services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, PSN, YouTube, and relevant websites where they can further their knowledge and use the same for entertainment purposes as well.

In this interconnected world, we also need more data to keep track of relevant political issues that occur around the globe.

This would also enable more Fijians to put themselves out there in the world on a global scale and potentially help many of us make a way of living through the commercial capacity.


Hard To Win In Wellingon 7s

Samuela Rareba,  Suva

I guess, the statement from Karl Te Nana, that Fiji will find it hard to win in Wellington 7s, is actually true, especially against the home team, as it will be like a dog barking to protect it’s territory.

Frankly speaking, from the starting of the 2016-2017 series till the ending, Fiji will find it hard in any tournament to win it, mainly because they are the BEST in the world of 7s at the moment.

And in order to be the best, you need to beat the best there is and that is our 7s gladiator.

So, it will always be an uphill battle for our boys as any team they play against will also be out to prove a point.

But like any other dog barking for his/her territory, there is always a piece of bone or meat to tame it down and I believe that our boys have just that to turn a disaster into an opportunity.

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