Letters To The Editor, 28th January 2017

Baptism of fire Pranil Ram,  Nadi As the Wellington 7s kicks off today, I am sure the players and the management are feeling the heat. For the coach and the
28 Jan 2017 11:29
Letters To The Editor, 28th January  2017

Baptism of fire

Pranil Ram,  Nadi

As the Wellington 7s kicks off today, I am sure the players and the management are feeling the heat. For the coach and the rookies in the team, the first few games will be a baptism of fire.

I believe it will be up to the seasoned players, including the talismanic captain Osea Kolinisau to rise to the occasion.

I firmly believe that Baber is not here just to add to his CV that he has coached the best 7s team in the world, but he equally believes in producing results.

He is well aware what the fans want. History has shown that be it any sports, it is a daunting task to maintain the high standards set once you have reached the peak.

For Baber this weekend will be just like defying the odds to see what new he brings to the team and how well the players fit into his system of play. Go Fiji, go!



Vehicle tyres

Satish Nakched,  Suva

I understand that the vehicle tyre manufacturers rely heavily in the research and development process of their product because they have stringent measures implemented for safety reasons. Any product before it is released in the market goes through many vigorous trial and errors before it is sold to the general public. Geographical and the atmospheric conditions are considered in the process and the motorist must follow their directive and recommendation on the usage of the tyres.

All new tyres sold come equipped with tread wear bars which are small raised bars that run across the grooves of the tyre tread. This is shorter than the outer surface of the tyre and   located at random spacing.

This indicator between the tyre beats is an important component and are used as a guide to determine if the said tyre is bold and not safe to use.

This only happens when the outer surface of the tyre come in the level of the tread wear bar the tyre becomes obsolete and unsafe to use.

In some countries, the vehicle fails the inspection test and the defective tyres are then replaced. This is considered unsafe and legislated as an offence if a motorist still drives with it.

But here in Fiji, there are so many dealers who import these inferior used tyres that fails the inspection test and sold at a reasonable price.

It baffles me to know that so many vehicles on the road are not road worthy and drive with the hazardous tyres with great risk.

Probably the Land Transport Authority of Fiji would like to comment if there are such laws here that adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation.



Inspiration from Taveuni

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

They rightfully deserved a heroes welcome and the people of Taveuni had every reason to celebrate the success of the Taveuni First Light Team in clinching the Mana Whey Coral Coast 7s tournament.

Without a doubt they are the talk of rugby talanoa sessions. How on earth did a team with a humble beginning displace much fancied and renowned 7s rugby teams in Viti Levu?

Well, with much focus on the Wellington 7s tournament, our national 7s side need not look too far for motivation and inspiration.

If the Taveuni First Light Team could defy odds, what’s stopping our men in Cake Tin, Wellington?



Hygiene in hospitals!

Herleen Emily Kumar,  Nadi

After several attempts of my editorial writing on the cleanliness of the hospitals in Fiji, there have been many improvements, which is highly appreciated. However, it will all be clean and shine if the public work hand in hand and co-operate with the medical service men and women. It all looked clean, until the public made it dirty, yet again. I know it is the job of the hospital staff to clean the hospital, which they are paid for, but if the public keeps using it in inappropriately we can’t expect the hospital to be clean all the time.

People have many things and issues to talk or voice against the medical services, but they will only know if they put themselves in their shoes.

You have to have a heart to be a cleaner; cleaning up the mess of others is no easy job.

Majority of the patients have severe hygiene problems when they come to the hospital and say that the service men and women have not treated them well. How can you expect them to treat you well when they have hygiene problem?

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