P O E M S On Life And Leadership

Dear readers, I have always believed that Creativity is not just about doing different things but it is also about doing same or similar things in different way as well
28 Jan 2017 12:00
P O E M S On  Life And Leadership
Mayur Kalbag

Dear readers, I have always believed that Creativity is not just about doing different things but it is also about doing same or similar things in different way as well as a dynamic way!

It is for this reason, I am attempting to express my thoughts and perspectives on subjects related to Leadership Development, Self – Excellence and Managerial Effectiveness in a manner which probably has never been explored before.

Till now I have always been sharing my thoughts on Management and Leadership as well as Life Skills through prose.

But this time I felt that I could take the plunge and write about these subjects in the form of POEMS!

From a story-based style of writing I will be expressing my thoughts and perspectives in a poetic style which means that I will be writing my words and sentences which would hopefully have ‘Rhythm & Rhyme”

I sincerely hope that all my wonderful readers will comprehend these poems.

I am also confident that just like you have done before now too you will read these poems, think about the and then make your own positive and productive inferences and draw effective and practical learnings from these poems.

I look forward to all of you joining me on this POETIC ‘journey’ of practical learning and inspired implementation!

I have articulated two poems today, one on leadership titled ‘The Leader’s Mind and the other poem  is titled The ‘JOKER’

I wish all my wonderful readers a ‘happy reading’ and look forward to your comments and feedbacks! You may write to me at

I will be present in Suva, Fiji from February first week 12017 till the mid of March 2017 and you may feel free to contact me for any Organizational as well as individual Training and Counseling.


The Leader’s Mind

Different, Dynamic and Developmental must be the leader’s mind

New paths; new journeys to success he must constantly find

Environments of stress and anxiety may weaken his will

Yet, through turbulent times, he must become sublime and still

His shallow dreams must evolve into fearless foresight

His wings must widen to let him take the higher flight

New horizons and ideas, the leader’s mind must enthusiastically explore

Persevere he must, to steer his ship to a new and vibrant shore

Aware and alert he constantly must be to the changes around

Listen carefully he must to the innocuous yet and meaningful sound

Signs of crisis and chaos, this leader’s mind must quickly recognize

Solutions to the most difficult situations he must clearly visualize

Emotions of concern and empathy, the leader must exhibit towards his team

Within each of his colleagues, awaken he must an inspiring dream

Respect, he will command and not demand only when he begins to share

Exuberance he will restore as he learns to rejuvenate the stagnant air

Situations of success at times may disappear or deflate

The real leader is he who restarts his journey upon a clean slate

Re-ignite and refresh, the leader must, his muffled and muddled mind

An important responsibility his is to never be left behind

The leader’s mind is therefore not an ordinary mind

He enlightens his visions as the dreams of others may go blind

With grit and gusto the leader gallops towards the eventual goal

Let us too, invoke the leader’s mind in our thoughts and in our soul


The ‘J O K E R’

Amidst the cheers of joy and the cries of sorrow

For moments few, the joker’s heart we must borrow

Our life too, a circus it seems, swinging up and down

In this circus, a joker we need, to wipe away our frown

Happy and free a joker is, in us, he perpetually lives

When times are tough, the strength to smile, a joker gives

Colors our memory, this joker does, with laughter and spice

It is he who brings peace in our pain and makes us wise

In our souls, he truly lives; this ‘joker’ we must try and find

With child-like excitement, this joker waits, to tickle your serious mind

As we live through this journey, that…filled with struggle and strife

Invoke we all must, the joker in us, to add zest in our life!

nMayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:

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