Letters To The Editor, 3rd, Febuary, 2016

Fijian 7s? Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada Sir Gordon Tietjens has suggested that the Wellington 7s should be moved to Fiji or Samoa (Fiji Village 31/1). He said that there was no
03 Feb 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor, 3rd, Febuary, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Fijian 7s?

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

Sir Gordon Tietjens has suggested that the Wellington 7s should be moved to Fiji or Samoa (Fiji Village 31/1).

He said that there was no atmosphere in Wellington and it was like a ghost town and that Fiji being the Olympic gold medalists in sevens could host the tournament at ANZ Stadium in Suva.

Isn’t this what the Fiji Rugby Union have been dreaming of for some time now?

Question is: Are we able to hold a HSBC Sevens World Series tournament in Fiji?



What would life be
without social media?

Arvind Mani,  Nadi

Before Mark Zuckerberg thought of Facebook, we were still connecting with our family and friends. Before the era of social media, life was lived, the sky was still blue, and the sun still shone.

If you break up with social media, the moon will not fall down and the sun will not stop shining but here are some good things that will happen.


You will be happier and more

content with life

In the virtual reality of social media, it’s very easy to compare your life with others and belittle yourself.

We want to be like others, we like how they look, we love the things they have. Life seems to be going forward for them while our life seems to be at a standstill.

On social media, everyone posts their nicest pictures and best moments. It is highly unlikely that anyone is going to put their bad moments on display for all to see.

If someone travels around the world on holidays, there will probably be a picture of it on social media, but if their landlord should kick them out for not paying rent, they probably won’t mention it online.

So, why compare your life to the virtual life you see on social media and feel miserable? Breaking up with social media will make you happier and more content with your life.

There will not only be no more pictures and posts to compare your life to, but you will realise that your life is not actually so bad.


You will be more productive

You will realise that a lot can be done instead of scrolling up and down on social media. Have you always wanted to learn a new language or play the guitar?

Instead of wasting time on social media, you can actually invest that time into your dreams and watch them become reality. At work, you can get a lot done instead of peeping on your phone every now and then.

It is very easy to deceive yourself by trying to limit your social media use, but how many times has a planned 15 minutes on social media turned into 2 hours?


You will be grateful for your life

Breaking up with social media will let you see the reality of the world. You will be more grateful for your life instead of being jealous and envious of the lives of others on social media.

If you have food, clothing, and a roof over your head, you are richer than 75 per cent of the people in the world today.

If you have savings in the bank, you are in the top eight per cent of the world’s wealthy today.

If you woke up this morning with your health, you are more blessed than the one million people who will not survive this week.

If you have not experienced the pain of starvation, you are more fortunate than 500 million people in the world today.


You will have an improved relationship

with your family and friends

Social media claims to be connecting you with your family and friends, but is it really? How often have you found yourself on social media while the real people around you go unnoticed?

How often do you catch yourself scrolling up and down on social media instead of talking to the person to you?

Social media may claim to connect you with family and friends, but in reality it disconnects you from them.

When you quit social media, you will realise that calling, talking, and having dates without social media interruption is a great way to bond and connect with your family and friends.


You will see how beautiful the world is

If you can put your phone in your pocket and not distract yourself with notifications, it won’t be long before you see there are so many beautiful flowers. We are only here for a very limited time.

Instead of spending most of that time on social media, we can spend it visiting the beach, the forest, and appreciating nature.

At least then, if we die and go to the next world and we are asked how the earth looks, we can tell about how beautiful it really is.


You will be innovative

When you are constantly distracted with social media, your brain is shut to real life issues and you become less innovative.

When you break up with social media, you will be become more innovative and improve your life.


You will be smarter and wiser

When you log out of social media and log in to real life, you will spend your time wisely on useful things, like books and great websites that actually improve your life and enrich you with knowledge to make you a better person.

You can find time to exercise instead of perusing social media and complaining about how you never find the time to exercise.

That time spent on Facebook could have been used on a great workout. Whilst others are wasting their lives on social media, you will be reading a life-changing book, hitting the gym, being innovative, and making your dreams come true.


Your future self will be grateful

If you do not give up unhealthy habits that get you nowhere, your future is going to be full of regrets about the things you could have done and didn’t do simply because you were too busy on social media.

If you give up social media today and invest the time into your dreams, your future self will be happy that you had the time to learn another language, play the guitar, or to start that business you have been thinking about.

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