Feelings Of Fear In Three Poems

Dear readers, I have always felt that one of the obstacles to achieving success is the feelings of FEAR. Fear of failure; fear of being unable to meet ‘EXPECTATION’ and
04 Feb 2017 11:04
Feelings Of Fear In Three Poems
Mayur Kalbag

Dear readers, I have always felt that one of the obstacles to achieving success is the feelings of FEAR.

Fear of failure; fear of being unable to meet ‘EXPECTATION’ and even fear of facing unknown people and situations as well as fear of making tough decisions can come in the way of our pursuit of excellence.

Hence, I have tried to encapsulate and summarise these thoughts of mine through a poem on fear, titled as ‘FEARLESS’.

I hope that as you read it you will be begin to introspect and think intensely about the positive attitude of being FEARLESS.


‘F E A R L E S S’

Each and every moment, ridden with choices

Which to choose, a tough task, among so many voices

In comes diffidence along with it fear

Perspectives turn hazy, nothing is clear

Up to you, it is, to make your decision

Fall to fear or move ahead with precision

Important choice that you must make

It is about you an there is a lot at stake

Mistakes may happen, learn from them but never hide

Accepting failures will infuse confidence and instill pride

Escaping into the ‘nothing’ for what the world may say

Slip, you shall then, in hole, deep dark and gray

When opportunity knocks and you have to make a choice

Purity and clarity in your every thought and you will truly rejoice

Outcomes and results, leave those to the ‘supreme’; He will take care

Failures are opportunities; success, He wants you to share

With courage of conviction and wings of creativity, you must go beyond the sky

With strong arms of valor and veracity you must fly ever so high

Paths may be steep, some may even give you a scare

Fearless you must be and reach where only a few dare

In professional life or personal life, conflicts may occur especially if and when there is a battle of EGOS.

What is important to understand is how we can deal with these conflicts with the help of positive communication and proactive attitude.

In the poem, I have tried to share some of y perspectives regarding this topic.

And hope that the poem will make you think about how each one of us can slow and steadily develop the right attitude towards handling conflicts in a more constructive manner.


‘Manage your CONFLICTS’

In all forms of life conflicts may arise

To compete for success as everyone fervently tries

An unpleasant of perspectives and views

Between two or more when there is blame and ‘accuse’

Conflicts based upon ‘EGOs’ lead to productivity loss

Growth seems difficult when all think, “I am the boss”

Conflicts do occur when two thoughts do not match

The game of blame begins when business hits a rough patch

Resolve conflicts, we must, by recognizing the cause

Channelize your strengths and reduce your ‘flaws’

Accept and adapt and conflicts will be few

Strengthen your relationships with ‘openness’ within you

Values such as Humility & Respect, have you must

Only as a team when you work, conflicts will bite the dust

Conflict Management, an important need for all

Energized and positive organizations will never fall

The third poem is something related to Will Power and Determination towards reaching high and achieving Goals despite challenges.

I believe the poem itself will lead you into the understanding of what I am saying.


‘The ONE-Winged Bird’

A beautiful bird,

I saw it fly

Through the winds

And into the sky

With a broken wing…

To my sudden surprise

Yet, soaring high

With zest in its eyes

Through the floating skies

Between the bright and the blue

Gliding through higher spheres

To it, everything seemed new

In the absence of the mundane

This bird felt unique joy

From high above as it flew

The world below was just a toy

Free and in glee, the bird was

As it flew with its only wing

Why not me, I asked myself

The thought gave me a pleasant ‘sting’

Such great heights with just a wing

A difficult task, I wondered how

To fly like her I told myself

It was a decision, never or now

Gifted we all are

Gifted with wings of positive thought

To fly far and away

To be able to never get caught

Like the One-winged bird

As nothing stopped her flight

Let us too keep flying high

With our wings through the nebulous night
Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:

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