Letters To The Editor 8th February 2017

Two separate healing? Tavua Saga, Ravulolo Tuikubulau, Lautoka With interest we saw what can happen when church leaders do not heed the voice of God and do things out of
08 Feb 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor 8th February 2017
Letters To The Editor

Two separate healing? Tavua Saga, Ravulolo Tuikubulau, Lautoka

With interest we saw what can happen when church leaders do not heed the voice of God and do things out of a wrong spirit and intentions.

The Methodist Church had already carried out the ‘Cleansing of Tavua’ and yet another church leader allowed his group to go and repeat the same spiritual work on the same land.

They claim to be the ‘Vakabula Vanua’, (Heal the Land).

What happens now is not healing but hurting the land.

Was it really from God that they went to duplicate what was done by the Methodist Church in their own property?

The land was already healed, and what this Pentecostal group did was a slap in the face to the Methodist followers.

Who is directing them? Is it really God or man?

Church leaders should pray for God’s wisdom in whatever they do.


7s Discipline, Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

The indiscipline problem which continued to plague our Vodafone Fijian 7s team in Wellington and Sydney does raise questions.

Receiving yellow cards at crucial moments and in crucial matches, makes one wonder whether all is well within  the team.

Are there issues between and amongst the players and coach?

With all due respect, from a fans perspective it is hard to comprehend how this pattern of indiscipline is recurring?

Is the selection process and training in camp not stringent enough for national reps to realise the value of discipline on the field during matches?

All in all, let’s put aside the skills, speed and decision-making. There is a real need to work on our discipline come the next 7s tournament.



The Attitude Of Students Need To Change, Manish Goundar, Nadi

It is very sad to know that only 65 per cent of students give their best in their school work.

On the other hand 35 per cent of the students waste their time, their parents’ money and the government’s.

One day I talked to a group of students and I was really surprised hearing their views.

I asked them about the current education system, the very next moment one of the boys answered saying that it is great, “the majority of my friends come to school to play, crack jokes and waste time”.

I thought long and hard about how some students are developing negative thoughts towards their studies.

What will happen if this attitude of students continue? A day will come when Fiji will be ruled by an uneducated Prime Minster.

In the past, the rule was that if you fail your exams you will not be sent to the next form or class.

And  because of this I believe many students mad bad decisions.

But now the rule is quite the opposite.

Students should take full advantage of it because the current Government of the day is doing a lot.

The Government is providing free education, free bus fare and free textbooks.

Despite the advantages, students are not studying and working hard.

I personally believe that all parents should spend quality time with their children and try to fill the minds of this new generation with positive thoughts so that there is 100 per cent concentration from the students towards their studies.



Channel Crossing, Joji Toronibau, Labasa

Steaming across the channel between Nabouwalu and Natovi and back, I found the intercom service is not working and had caused a lot of panick and chaos especially at the time of arrival.

There was no officer to direct passengers through loud hailers, etc and to summon drivers to take the lead first and clear their vehicles before the passengers’ turn, allowing the easing of traffic at the gangway.

Again, some moment of despair and bitter misery are met by the passengers carrying their luggage on the Kasavu stretch before finally another off-load when changing buses at Natovi, and the system is repeated at Nabouwalu pier.

Now, what used to be a leisurely relaxing trip, has now became the norm that will haunt you for a while now.

Luckily, the Vodafone Fijian 7s team is elevating their points in the HSBC 7s series to third place.


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