‘The Leader’s Silence And The Drop’

Dear readers, I can only pleasantly hope that all of these three poems will inspire all my wonderful readers to read and then proactively ‘ANALYZE, LEARN & IMPLEMENT’ the various
11 Feb 2017 11:00
‘The Leader’s Silence And The Drop’

Dear readers, I can only pleasantly hope that all of these three poems will inspire all my wonderful readers to read and then proactively ‘ANALYZE, LEARN & IMPLEMENT’ the various aspects and techniques you have extracted and learnt from these poems!!!


Strength & Silence (The poem)

Silence is that space which subtly lies within your mind

Awaken it, and new ideas it will help you to find

Silence is the higher sky where clouds of crazy convictions roam free

As it inspires courage to blossom, all fears and failures begin to flee


Silence can become a catalyst for new aspirations to arise

An inspired emptiness that offers vibrant visions to tentative eyes

Silence may whisper through the sounds of the gushing breeze

Meandering melodies of silence motivate the leader as they emerge from sonorous trees


Even when caught in the cage of confusion and chaos, the leader’s silence can become a powerful tool

In the maze of decision making and goal setting, it helps him remain calm and cool

Silence allows the leader to climb deeper into his ‘tamarind’ thoughts

He is able to innovate and illustrate and untie himself from the  mental knots


Stillness and tranquility, experience these, a leader must albeit for moments few

Stagnant he shall never feel, his various journeys will be refreshingly new

Amidst the chaos of colorful chatter, silence must be allowed to surge

Only then, through the simmering stillness true leadership will begin to emerge


Some thought about the poem…

The poem on strength and silence truly focuses upon the way a leader can be more effective and successful especially when he begins to spend time introspecting and thinking on his own.

Silence is that space in which he slowly and yet steadily starts to encounter and then feel his Tamarind thoughts, those thoughts which are bitter- sweet and slightly negative in a way which could wrongly influence his decisions and future actions.

I hope that this poem will open up new and refreshing desires within your mind to become more mentally strong through the process of you creating the space of positive silence within your mind which will thereby translate into productive actions


The drop that never dies (The Poem)

This is the drop that never dies

Through the tunnels of time, as it fearlessly flies

Alert and aware it is, of its eventual goal

This drop is unique, because it carries a supreme goal


Difficulties and challenges it handles with gallant grit

Devious deceptions it conquers with wisdom and wit

To reach its summit of success it tenaciously tries

Even as it keeps falling to earth, yet…this drop never dies


Some thoughts about the poem…

The story of the drop in reality is the story of some of us who want to keep trying to achieve their best in life professionally and personally. The poem is mainly about ‘NOT GIVING UP’ and the attitude of Perseverance along with Aspirations & Ambitions.


A S S E R T I V E B O D Y  L A N G U A G E ( The Poem)

An effective way of expressing without the verbal speech

Lets you reflect confidence; towards ‘communication success’ it lets you reach

Especially in our presentations larger audiences it becomes a powerful tool

Enables us to create an inspiring impact and makes you look cam and cool


Specifically executed ‘hand gestures’ would help reflect the passion in you

Even the most mundane subject of presentation, to your audience would sound invigorating and new

Palm upon palm, ‘open -hand chopping action’, and fingertip to tip…some of the hand gestures for your learn

Assertive and motivated will be your image, passivity and casualness in you’re appearance will begin to burn


Body language, through your postures and your gestures, with your listeners, will help you connect with care

Attentive and alert they will be to your every word and will nit anymore blankly stare

Spoken words along with assertive body language, a combination that will help you achieve more

In every presentation, implement this tool and like an inspired lion you will roar


A few thoughts about the poem on Assertive BODY LANGUAGE

This poem is based upon a specific topic related to the specific role of Body Language which itself plays an important role in the process of Inter-personal Communication. As leaders and managers or even as executives it is very important to learn, develop and practice the techniques of Body Language.

The way we maintain our postures and gestures while presenting in front of an audience is extremely significant.

The poem basically focuses upon a few of the ways to execute Hand Gestures while presenting in front of an unknown audience.

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:




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