Letters To The Editor, 16th, February, 2016

Ban alcohol not Kava Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoniex, Arizona, USA Banning alcohol from all villages in Fiji is a great idea but not kava. Most of the   road accidents   caused   in  
16 Feb 2017 11:14
Letters To The Editor, 16th, February, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Ban alcohol not Kava

Taitusi Sokiveta,

Phoniex, Arizona, USA

Banning alcohol from all villages in Fiji is a great idea but not kava.

Most of the   road accidents   caused   in   the   United States resulting in death are caused   by alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is the main cause of women and children getting beaten up in villages.

All the fights in villages in Fiji always have alcohol involved with  kava.

In my village, when I visit, when everyone   is drunk they start falling asleep.

I am the only one doing all the talanoa about   America to keep people awake.

The problem with alcohol in the village is the village turns into a war zone.

Kava is the best drink in villages which is used for socialising and discussing important issues be it religious, political, on sports, family gatherings,  weddings, funerals, traditions, customs and cultures.

And also, the exchanging of constructive ideas and future plans.

Ban alcohol from all villages but not kava.




Medical product

Neelz Singh,


I just want to know why some pharmacies are selling the same medicine with different price tags and using some fancy name while others are only prescribed under product ID. Are they outsmarting the tax authority?

Such an issue has been raised on medicine prices and the different range of medicine products that are being sold in pharmacies.

We need medication that people can afford, not ripping them off to make a quick buck. We request for the authorities to look into this please. Vinaka 



City signs

Narayan Reddy,


For the past two days, some of my friends have been directing tourists to Lautoka City.

Most of them walk towards Nadi Town, thinking that Lautoka City is towards that side. To make it worse, one tourist was in a wheelchair.

Can the authorities concerned please put a sign up pointing towards Lautoka City so it can help the tourists?



Traffic lights in Namaka

Norman Yee,  Nadi

Thanks to Higgins for the great job in constructing our  four-lane road. Something to be proud of. However, there is a small matter they might want to look at.

There seems to be a traffic jam at the lights at the corner of MH Namaka.

The timing for the green light at the Concave Drive junction seems insufficient to clear the traffic on this road.

I have been there several times usually between 12pm and 2pm and found that there is chaos down along Concave Drive since there is a side road as well with many businesses, restaurants, the FNPF and Higgins as well.

May I suggest that the engineer from Higgins  check this out?

I might be wrong, but this delay in the long run would require a lot of patience from the drivers.



Labasa dental department

Sukha Singh,


I visited the Labasa dental department twice this year and have found their service to be second to none.

I hope the next time the Minister of Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar comes to Labasa, she may thank them  for doing such a great job.



QVS glowing from the sea

Joji Toronibau,


Steaming across the seas to Natovi lately, I found this all-boys boarding school glowing in the shimmering sun.

It was just rightly phrased by an old boy of the school, Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa in one of his previous letters.

Now, what a scene! And thanks to Indonesian government.

Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


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