Letters To The Editor, 23rd February, 2017

Crucial leg Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada We all agree with Vodafone Fijian 7s strength and conditioning coach Nacanieli Cawanibuka, that the next leg of the World Sevens Series will be crucial
23 Feb 2017 11:29
Letters To The Editor, 23rd February, 2017

Crucial leg

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada

We all agree with Vodafone Fijian 7s strength and conditioning coach Nacanieli Cawanibuka, that the next leg of the World Sevens Series will be crucial (FBC News 21/2).

I hope and pray that our boys will use their favourite Bible verses to gain divine strength, game vision, sharp mentality and strict discipline for the third leg.

We were assured by ‘Captain Courageous’ after the first leg that Fiji could still be the series winner without winning the first two tournaments.

South Africa will be missing speedster Seabelo Senatla and a few key players, but this does not mean that their strength or consistency is reduced.

Mr Cawanibuka said it was quite clear in the last few seasons that teams which do well in the upcoming leg can go on to win the series.

I believe that our Vodafone Fijian 7s team are under a lot of pressure to win at least one tournament in the next leg or in both finals.

But if South Africa continues its consistency and wins another one or appears in both finals, then there is no stopping them in winning the 2016/17 World Sevens Series.

Fijians in the USA will be out in numbers to support our boys in Las Vegas and Fijians in Canada will be in Vancouver to cheer them on.

It is indeed a crucial leg for our Vodafone Fiji 7s team, but lest we forget, Paul was sitting in a Roman prison when he penned his personal testimony, that he could do all things through Christ who gives him strength (Phil. 4:13).

Go Fiji go!


Ballot papers

Satish Nakched, Suva

Since the possible period of the next general election has been identified, I suggest some improvement on the ballot papers is needed.

English is regarded as a second language in the country and a good percentage of the population has a problem in interpretation reading.

Speaking is not a problem as some of the people can construct a basic effective communication, but reading might be a problem.

During the last general election, the ballot papers did not cater for the people who had difficulty in reading.

A pre-information package was released, but many had forgotten the contents. The ballot papers only had the numbers of the candidate. Some numbers were very similar.

The first digit was the same and the other two were in the other way around and represented different candidates and confused many voters.

Their intention was to vote for someone specific, but in the mix up, a completely different person got the nod.

To eliminate the confusion it is suggested that next to the candidate number the name and a photograph of that person must be inserted.

This is a more friendly approach and should guide the voters in the process without any problems in the next general elections.


Tourism awards

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Maybe the criteria of selecting the winners are very important, but you see the same faces every year, no change at all.

The chief guest has been also the same every year.

So the unknown persons or unrecognised establishments are always left out.

Seeing the lifetime awards has always  seen Tourism Fiji get awarded. I totally agree with their contribution to tourism, but how about the not-so-rich people who have worked their hearts out over the years and maybe have put their establishment on the tourism map? Don’t they deserve the same award?

Comparing this with the Sports Awards awarding the Sportswoman of the Year to Mary Rodan, was just a moral boosting to every sports people in Fiji.

She might not have what many other person have, but she was recognised for her achievement .

There have been people who have achieved or contributed in some way or another. It could be through farming, transport, maritime or even real Fijian hospitality. These are the people who should not be forgotten.

You might have ways  of selecting the winners and if its the same old things again and again, then something is wrong.

Hopefully the next time the ones who are usually left out will be recognised.


Sex crimes

Rajesh Lal, Lautoka

It is really alarming to hear the rise in sex related crimes in our nation.

I believe it’s time the concerned authorities make drastic changes to the criminal law and if not, a time will come when no female will feel safe in their homes or on the streets.

A victim of a sex abuse is a human being as well as the accused, so the Human Rights  and Anti-Discrimination Commission should raise its voice as a matter of concern.

Food for thought.


Customer discrimination

Anreesh Ali Sigatoka

There was such a pathetic service at a particular fast food restaurant in Sigatoka- on Tuesday. It was only 7.30pm, the staff members of the restaurant told the few of the customers that it was closing because of bad weather conditions.

We all went outside. After a while, a group of tourists came over and they were allowed in and served.

This showed a clear indication of discrimination. We all waited outside in the hope of get served by the staff, but the same answer came – “Closed due to bad weather condition” and the tourists were inside enjoying their juicy chicken.

Are we Fijians different from the tourists? Aren’t we human beings? Our heavenly Father made us equal and we should be treated as equals. Where is the difference?

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