Letters To The Editors, 24th, February, 2017

The undisputed popularity Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi I agree with the analysis and assessment of the University of the South Pacific’s lecturer Neelesh Gounder that nothing has changed much in terms
24 Feb 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editors, 24th, February, 2017
Letters to the editor

The undisputed popularity

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


I agree with the analysis and assessment of the University of the South Pacific’s lecturer Neelesh Gounder that nothing has changed much in terms of the popularity of our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Throughout our country, according to the latest polls, even through the current natural disasters we are going through, Fijians are still grateful as they understand the circumstances and the Government’s desire to reach out indiscriminately to all those affected.

The general consensus and the approval ratings among the majority of eligible registered Fijian voters for the 2018 election is very high. It is still gaining momentum through the peoples’ appreciation for our Government’s inclusive and proactive policies that is indiscriminately benefitting all Fijians  despite the many negative critics and opposition.

Our Government is playing a catch-up game to improve everyone’s lifestyle through the progressive maintenance of our country’s economy and ensuring that every Fijian will equally share in our nation’s wealth.

Realistically, it is a very daunting and mammoth task for the opposition as we Fijians are now more well placed in our judgement between what is right as opposed to all the lies, rhetoric’s, mudslinging together with its dirty discriminating politics and ploy that was displayed in our 2014 national election.

From our maritime islands to the remotest interior parts of our country, our PM and his cabinet ministers have all set foot there and are planning the implementation of their development strategies for our rural dwellers.

Our newspapers and other media outlets must be commended for the excellent coverage they do in exposing and highlighting the many developments and service deliveries our Government is involved in.

It is educational and empowering to the people as they must understand and know what their rights are and what should be expected from a Fijian government irrespective of whether you voted them or not as prescribed in the Preambles and the Bill of Rights of our 2013 World Acclaimed Constitution.

There is no turning back, the truth is all there in front of you.


Illegal taxi operators

Shivanti Mani,


As a concerned citizen and a community resident, I urge the Land Transport Authority and City Council about the issue of illegal taxi operators in Lautoka; specifically on private vehicles doing private taxi jobs.

It is a fact that the number of vehicles increases day by day. The majority have been registered for private use, but some are being used illegally for jobs and pick-ups as taxis to earn money.

These private vehicles do pick up passengers before the arrival of buses and taxis, hence the public have no other choice, but to choose these private vehicles to reach their destination on time.

Is this right?

In addition, these illegal private vehicles occupy the parking spaces in front of shops and supermarkets leaving no space for the other customers to park their own vehicles to do shopping.

What is the main issue being faced? Is it the taxis not being able to provide the services to the general public on time or are not able travel to certain places because of road conditions?

Or there is not enough taxis on roads to provide services to the general public when needed in peak and off-peak hours?

Therefore, if more taxis are needed for the general public, the Town Council and LTA should get together and solve this issue by start providing taxi bases and permits to those members of the public and put a stop to these private vehicle operators who are performing these illegal taxi operations.


Fiji soccer

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Fiji soccer is heading into the abyss because of the abysmal performance of Fiji Football officials. Well done guys.


Traffic jams in Suva

Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani

Getting to work in the morning or getting home in the afternoon or evening seems difficult now.

Now we have the intersections of every road in Suva jamming at peak hours.

Those hiring of taxis at these times of the day sometimes find themselves paying more than what they usually pay.

The jam at Ratu Dovi Road, where the two lanes meets a single lane is getting longer and longer every day and the people living in the area are very used to it by now.

This is where the proposed train system proposed by Government would really work.

Some drivers are very picky as they would prefer travelling on a better road.

But having more than two lanes are better and in some places areas we might have to put three lanes to cope with the number of cars we now have.

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