‘Organising SELF’ Before Organising Others

It was twelve in the afternoon and John was on his phone speaking to one of his customers. That is when his boss walked in and asked for a report
25 Feb 2017 11:43
‘Organising SELF’ Before Organising Others

It was twelve in the afternoon and John was on his phone speaking to one of his customers. That is when his boss walked in and asked for a report that seemed extremely important.

John quickly concluded his phone conversation and started searching for the report.

“It was right here. I clearly remember placing it upon my desk and not in my bag” he nervously exclaimed.

The boss, Mr Dino waited for a few minutes literally and then giving John a dirty look left his office.

Not sure of where that report was, John started frantically looking for it.

He was absolutely certain that he had kept it on his desk and was somewhere ‘hidden’ from his searching eyes!

“Yes! Got it”. After about 10 minutes of checking almost each and everything that was on that desk he had finally managed to get hold of it. Immediately he ran out and into his boss’s office to find him seated in discussion with two of his other colleagues.

“Sorry to disturb you Sir, but I have got the report which you were asking for. It was on the desk like I had told you but was hidden beneath some other files. Here it is”

Saying this he went towards his boss to give him the report.

“Not required!” his boss responded in a very firm tone and with a tinge of anger.

“I was in a situation at that time when I desperately needed the report. I was in a conference call with one of our international auditors and wanted the report to show them a few aspects of our new deal.

“However, since you had that report but were unable to give it to me I had to re-schedule that meeting with the auditors for the next week. I could not have expected them to wait for you to complete your ‘search’!” the boss told John.

“And in any case I have managed to get the copy of the report from one of your subordinates.”

John stood there not knowing what to do. “So you don’t need this report?” He nervously asked.

“Absolutely not. But John, I have learnt something which is that the next time I need something, I know where to go and whom to ask for,” the boss replied.

John was extremely embarrassed and felt extremely dejected about the entire flow of events and as he walked back into his office he wondered where had he gone wrong.

After all, John was one of the brightest employees in the Marketing Department. He had been promoted to the position of Assistant Manager in the shortest time and especially because of the fact that he was one of the very few who showed great willingness to innovate and strategise.

Somehow though, despite all his achievements and attributes he was not able to create a positive impact upon his boss. He was a great orator and presenter and a strong motivator.

However, if there was one thing that differentiated him from the other managers was that he was most ‘disorganised’ in his work.

If one needed some information or document the word around was that if one goes to John to seek that document or information, he will take more than double the time compared to the others to get it or you and that is because he has nothing in the correct place!

It was Monday morning and the weekly meeting had just begun. John, along with is subordinates were attending that meeting too.

The Senior Vice President, Mr Shalendra was also present in that meeting along with some the other senior management team members.

As the discussions began, each one of the managers was asked to present about the monthly target and the strategy that they would be using to accomplish the targets.

After a few managers had completed their presentation of their targets and the related strategies, it was the turn of John.

Like the others who presented before him, John too walked up towards the podium and began to present. However, it seemed as though something was wrong.

Everyone in the audience kept staring at him as he seemed to be searching for something.

“I think I may have got the wrong document to present,” he fearfully exclaimed.

After about three minutes of searching he requested to be given the opportunity to make his presentation later.

“I will just go to my office and get the appropriate document to present,” he told the entire audience.

However, as he was about to leave the Senior Vice President stood up and requested John to stay where he was. He then walked towards the podium and addressed the audience seated in that conference room.

“I have something to say to you and whatever I will share with you should be taken by all of you as a positive feedback rather than a criticism.”

Being a successful manager is not just about having a great and positive attitude, setting and achieving targets and speaking effectively.

A really successful manager is someone who first and foremost learns to organise himself and this begins with organising his own desk or table.

There are many of us who have all the documents and important papers strewn all over and when certain critical documents are required the manager seems unable to acquire it.

Remember we must that the most basic aspect of ‘Organising’ is about the manner in which we organise something as simple as our office desk or office table.

We must learn something called placing and prioritising of important ‘papers’ and documents.

The desk must never be ‘cluttered’ and dumped with unwanted and huge quantities of papers and files.

Prioritisation is the key in this. What is least important must be kept away and that which is understood to be either ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ must be kept at a place that is easily ‘accessible’.

Not just that, there are some of us who do not even make a List of Tasks or a ‘TO-DO List’ every day in their diary and thereby get almost lost about their day to day activities.

It is interesting that managers are supposed to manage and these managers do not even know how to ‘manage’ themselves and their daily activities.

Organising may be a big word for all of us executives and managers but it all starts with simple and yet very important things like organising our office desks and writing our daily action plans.

It all begins with me or us and then we begin to organise others! Whether it is you John or any other manager or executive here, I would insist that we all start Self- Organising from this moment onwards”

Saying this the Senior Vice President wished everyone a bright professional and personal future and left with the room.

That day John had learnt something new and useful but he surely was not the only one.

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