Letters To The Editor 1st March 2017

Namosi landowners Romeo Rokotogalevu, Secretary, 1420 Landowners Committee  I speak on behalf of the 1420 Landowners Committee. As we have been saying in the past, the TNLC (Tikina Namosi Landowners
01 Mar 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor 1st March 2017

Namosi landowners

Romeo Rokotogalevu, Secretary, 1420 Landowners Committee 

I speak on behalf of the 1420 Landowners Committee. As we have been saying in the past, the TNLC (Tikina Namosi Landowners Committee) is now representing only a small faction of the landowners. The other major faction is now represented by us, the 1420 Landowners Committee, after our experience with TNLC who do not consult us landowners in what they do.

There is no row flaring in Namosi on the exploration work. The TNLC are just jumping the gun and making a mockery of the Government process, which is the EIA.

We the landowners also have our views on the project but we are waiting for the EIA public consultations to start and we will air our views in that forum.

The Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, should not entertain them (TNLC) because he will compromise Government’s stand in light of its own standards, laws and policies.

Let the EIA process take its own course and then Government can make a decision based on the report. If the PM sees them then he should also see us (1420 Landowners Committee) as well.



‘I would lie to you’

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

As we approach the 2018 General Election and political parties start to preach their agendas and promises, it just reminds me of a song by the Bellamy Brothers titled, “I’d lie to you for your love”.

The lyrics of the song tells of how far a man would lie to win the love of a woman.

But I know some Opposition parties are already humming, ‘I’d lie to you for your votes’.

Instead of the original verse that goes, “I’m a doctor, I’m a lawyer, I’m a movie star, I’m an astronaut and I own this bar”, they are now humming, “We will build your roads, bridges, your houses, provide free water, free electricity, free education and etc.”

But the only problem is that the current FijiFirst government, without singing, is already doing it.

This also reminds me of my late tauvu, Sakeasi Butadroka. He once promised my tauvus from Beqa that if they vote him to be Prime Minister, he would build a bridge from Beqa to Navua.

If that was done at that time, it would have become the longest bridge in the world then. Then someone in the audience responded and said: “Please sir, don’t build us a bridge. Just buy us a fire truck.”

Mr Butadroka asked: “What for?” The person responded, “To extinguish the yameyame (literally meaning flames but often used to refer to lies) coming out from your mouth.”

Come 2018, this nation may need more fire trucks.



Services Check

Akeshni Geeta, Davuilevu Housing

I am requesting the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to look into the services provided at Davuilevu Housing by a bus company.

In the morning the buses are full and after 6.05am, they come very late for passengers living in the Waila 3B area. Passengers in that area have to walk up to the main Adi Davila Road to catch a bus. By the time they enter 3B area, the buses are already full.

We request that another bus company service this area because the current company is unable to provide the services needed in the area.



Stakeholder Appreciation

Josaia Bulavakarua, Ra

I wish to thank the Government, the United Nations and the European Union for the introduction of the First Hour Procedure for Arrested Persons at Police Stations around the country.

In the past weeks, I have seen in the media that our Police officers, prosecutors and Legal Aid lawyers are going through training on this new procedure.

I am thankful that Government has taken positive steps throughout the Pacific in facilitating the rights of persons arrested or detained person as enshrined under our Constitution.

The first hours or days of detained persons in Police stations in respect of a criminal offence is crucial and Government’s initiative to provide Legal Aid assistance at that point in time will be of great assistance persons detained or arrested.

I once again commend the Government for providing such assistance.



Drain Issue

Neelz Singh, Lami

Drainage seems to be an issue in some areas every time it rains heavily.

Roads get blocked and the rising waters flow into the homes of people living in some urban and rural areas.

Some blame the local government and town councils, while some blame those in the neighbourhood for not cleaning backyards. Industrial houses are also responsible for their by-pass product for dumping into streams.

In Nabukavesi, sawmills are dumping sawdust in drains by the roadside. This disturbs the small marine ecosystem and damage the access road which is always under water.

I am urging the responsible authorities to advice the sawmills to clean and advocate maintaining the healthy eco system and the road.

Here we can’t blame the Fiji Road Authority or local government, it’s the sawmills that need to step up and take responsibility for their mess. Vinaka.


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