Letters To The Editor 2nd March 2017

Pharmacy Opening Hours Selai Wacua, Labasa As a community resident, I wish to plead with the concerned authorities about extending the opening hours of the Labasa Hospital Pharmacy. Currently the
02 Mar 2017 11:00
Letters To The Editor 2nd March 2017
Letters To The Editor

Pharmacy Opening Hours

Selai Wacua, Labasa

As a community resident, I wish to plead with the concerned authorities about extending the opening hours of the Labasa Hospital Pharmacy.

Currently the hospital’s pharmacy closes at about 5pm despite the general outpatient department being open.

The delay in the supplement of medicinal products could have an outrageous effect on the health and wellbeing of the community at large.

The extension of the pharmacy’s opening hours would benefit the surrounding communities as it plays an important role in quick recuperations.

Patients who travel from faraway communities, which do not have health centres, may miss the pharmacy’s opening hours because of the time used up for travelling and the long time it takes to wait in line to see the doctor.

These patients would not be able to return to the hospital on the next day when the pharmacy opens in order to get their medication because of the travelling expenses.

I urge all the concerned residents of Labasa and its communities to work together in overcoming this barrier, hence creating a healthier and more productive North.


Dengue Fever On The Rise Again

Meli Wara, Lautoka

After listening to the news and reading the papers, I see the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is again doing their campaign to fight the rise in dengue fever.

It seems that their fight against the spread of dengue fever has fallen on deaf ears or disobedient members of the public.

Every year we hear and see campaigns by  the ministry in cities and in towns, but hardly in Lautoka City.

Our residents at Nacula Street Lautoka have experienced a rise in mosquitoes  recently.

Last year we wrote to the Lautoka City Council complaining about mosquitoes being bred in tyres and vehicle parts strewn across a car dealer near our house and overgrown lawn, but our complaints fell on deaf ears.

Early this year we experienced a rise in mosquitoes in the area.

The last mosquito spraying campaign in our area was five years ago.

Can the authorities start their spraying campaigns and physically spot check each compound?

Could the Lautoka City Council and the Lautoka medical authorities take appropriate actions?


Boat Travel Safety

Satish Nakched, Suva

The news late last month covered an event where a Government minister donated an outboard motor to a school and has thus eliminated the students’ struggle as they now have a motorised mode of transport.

It was a noted that the minister, with few others took a boat ride in the river, which had a good audience looking on at the event unfolding from the banks.

The minister’s daily activities were followed with interest and were seen as role models for many people in society to follow.

The ministers are our leaders and the law makers and must ensure that they comply with the legislation that is in place.

However, in the event mentioned, the group were travelling in an open punt without any personal safety equipment such as the life jackets, which is a requirement under Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji and subject to a penalty system in case of abuse.

This was a good time for the minister to spread message of the water safety education as Fiji is facing an escalating task with drownings, but it was not capitalised and the wrong signal was given out which illustrates it is fine to travel without any safety equipment .

Travelling out on the water without life jackets give rise to reasonable safety hazards and all the practicable measures have to be taken to minimise the risk.

The legislations of our land governs everyone and no one is exempted from the law.


Help Street Dwellers

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

It looks like the campaign for elections has already started.

While my Government is helping the poor, others are also following.

I believe it’s good for our people because some of them will get the much needed help.

Just one request to all the political parties, please can you also help the street dwellers?


Lent Season

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Lent is the time we’re suppose to forgo things, right?

Television, alcohol, Facebook, red meat, dessert. But why? What’s the point? Well, for some it’s personal.

Fasting exercises a rarely used muscle in the human will – self denial.

Giving up a self indulgent activity can help build character and possibly bring us closer to God.

No matter your religion, I believe that Lent is a season for all of us. We can reflect, re-choose and re-shape ourselves and our future.

To mix metaphors, Lent is the road; Jesus is the destination.

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