Letters To The Editor, 7th, March , 2017

NFP and Draunidalo Kamal Lyer, National Federation Party, Suva We refer to a report “Draunidalo to lead proposed party”  in (Sunday March 5) Fiji Sun. There is a paragraph in
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Letters To The Editor, 7th, March , 2017

NFP and


Kamal Lyer, National Federation Party, Suva

We refer to a report “Draunidalo to lead proposed party”  in (Sunday March 5) Fiji Sun.

There is a paragraph in the story attributed to NFP and we quote, “With the NFP now overtly engaged in talks for “cooperation” with other opposition parties, Roko Tupou’s resignation (in retrospect) was inevitable”.

This  is grossly false and deliberate mischief-making on the part of the Fiji Sun. The whole story is  a viewpoint or an opinion not based on facts.

It is extremely well known to the Fiji Sun,  other media organisations and indeed the people of Fiji that the NFP has decided it will not be part of any cooperative or coalition arrangements with any party for the 2018 general elections. Neither the NFP was in any such arrangement for the 2014 elections.

This is not a personal decision of anyone in the Party but the decision of the Working Committee of NFP by way of a resolution, first adopted at its meeting of 26th June 2016 in Nadi, and once again unanimously adopted  in the Working Committee meeting of 19th November 2016 at Suva. Both meetings mandated the Party Leader to talk with leaders of other political parties  including the Prime Minister and his Government on issues of national concern and interest like changes to draconian and regressive laws.

That is exactly what the Party Leader has been doing, aiding issues of concern in Parliament and dialoging with Leaders of other parties on these issues since October 2014.  This is distinctly different from “openly engaged in talks on cooperation”, as connected by Fiji Sun.

We challenge the Fiji Sun to provide a single shred of credible evidence that the NFP is openly engaged in talks with opposition parties following Roko Draunidalo’s resignation.

We also challenge you to provide evidence as to  what kind of talks is the Party is openly engaged for cooperation  with opposition parties.

The Party Leader’s statement of 23rd January (partially printed by Fiji Sun on 24th January) as well as the statement of Roko Tupou Draunidalo, (both  made following her resignation to  given to Party, the Registrar of Political Parties and the Honourable   Speaker of Parliament), are extremely clear.

Yet Fiji Sun has chosen to deliberately twist the facts, discarded its principles of ethical and accurate journalism by trying to malign the NFP and the party’s principles and policies as being responsible for Roko Draunidalo’s resignation.

The comment is not attributed to anyone and therefore is the newspaper’s own view. Even in this case, in the interest of fairness, accuracy and balance, the newspaper should have contacted  the Party and Roko Tupou herself to verify the newspaper’s claim. But it didn’t because the report does not state anyone was contacted or even attempts had been made to do so.

We therefore ask the Fiji Sun – Put up (provide conclusive evidence of your  theories (albeit wild and unsubstantiated)  or Shut up.


Visa waiver

Deo Narain, Suva

It is perhaps a time for Australia and New Zealand and the American government to take a cue from China, India and some European countries and seriously consider allowing Fijian visitors a visa-free entry to their countries.

Visitors from some 132 countries including our neigbouring Australia and New Zealand are currently enjoying a visa-free entry to Fiji and a reciprocal visa waiver would be much appreciated.

The need for Fijians to acquire a visitor’s visa is very inconvenient, time consuming and costly.

A family of four wishing to travel to Australia will need to apply for visitors’ visa and fork out around $1200 in visa application fees.

Application for visa is not an easy process. Applicants must satisfy all criteria for visa as required in application forms before a visa may be granted.


Sewage spillage

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

With the heavy rain that we have witnessed lately, it seems to me that not only are our rivers and roads getting flooded, I have also seen many Sewage manholes just opened up by the force of water that flows.

It concerns me a lot because of the untreated waste that comes and goes to our drains, and not to mention the unbearable smell.

One such manhole is located in front of Tilak High School. It opens up every time it rains.

I have seen the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) truck inspecting that manhole for the past four years, but they are not able to do much.

I am not sure if the pipes are small or are other water connection (rain water) connected to the sewer pipes.

Whatever it is can it be fixed so the thousands of school children that frequently use that road do not have to walk through the sewer that spills on Hollander Road?


Occupation Health and Safety (OHS)

Samuela R Rareba, Suva

These days, Occupational Health Safety (OHS) standards are a must in any organisation.

The well-being of the employees and also the customers are important in terms of keeping them safe and injury free. But I wonder if the same standard of OHS also applies in schools.

Every so often, we see students going to school barefoot and nothing is done about this.

If the students get injured in school as a result of this, who would be held responsible, the student, parents or would it be the school.


7s love

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Some Fijians always find it difficult to graciously accept our loss in any HSBC 7s tournament.

When our favourite team loses a game we quickly begin to get down on ourselves, become negative and pretty much stress out.

Losing a game doesn’t mean losing the spirit. The most important thing to keep in mind when coping with our team’s loss is to remain calm because they still need our support.

Oh well, congratulations to South Africa. How about the pass that was a mile forward? Hahaha. Areh, Go Fiji go!

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